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3 Of The Best


Now, I’m aware that lightboxes have become a little bit of an interiors cliche, because they’ve been EVERYWHERE for the past couple of years. Particularly the DIY letter types that you can customise with your own thoughts/shopping lists/mantras. They’re cute but they’ve become a little too ubiquitous methinks.

Daphne has four different sources of lighting in her room, plus a Gro Clock, so sadly I’m not sure we can squeeze anything else in. However, I am thinking of swapping her rather boring nightlight for one of these fun designs – if I can decide which…

Despite suffering a little from over-exposure, lightboxes are still a really fun way to add lighting to a kids’ room, and there are some really fab designs out there. As I’ve probably said a thousand times, I’m a sucker for quirky lighting and I love the fact that in a child’s room, you’ve basically got carte blanche to go a bit mad. Lightboxes are a really affordable way of doing this, and in today’s post I wanted to think outside the box (sorry, couldn’t resist) and go for something different. So, here are my top three lightboxes, if you’re looking for something a little more unusual (and can’t think what to spell out yourself!)…

I was sent a press release from Sgt Smith about their quirky personalised dinosaur lightboxes, and couldn’t resist them. There are a choice of colours available, and you can add your child’s ‘dinosaur’ name to the design. Handmade in Huddersfield, each lightbox has a wired electrical connection, and is designed to sit on a flat surface, providing a soft sidelight.

On another scale entirely, how amazing is this lightbox? From Oakdene Designs, it depicts Planet Earth in all its glory, and is probably designed for grown ups, but I think older children would love it. There’s also a moon version available. Very cool for any budding astronauts out there…

Last but not least, another beauty by A Little Lovely Company. The Lightbox Frame from This Modern Life is an interchangeable poster frame with LED lights behind, meaning you can change the look as often as you like. There are lots of sets of posters available – from cute animals like this little panda to inspirational sayings. It’s perfect for little kids who can get involved and choose which poster to display, but there are also some adorable nursery-themed posters available, so it works well as a nightlight too. It’s also currently half price – bonus!

3 Of The Best

Children’s clothes hangers

A bit of a personal-inspired post today, as it’s something I’ve been on the hunt for myself lately. Up until Daph turned about one, I kept most of her outfits folded up in a drawer, rather than hung in the wardrobe. She mostly wore babygrows and leggings – I found it a bit pointless to put her in a dress when she couldn’t walk, as it just bunched up around her knees as she was trying to crawl. And it obviously got on her nerves, not to mention the wear and tear on her tights.

But since Daph started walking, I’ve loved that she finally ‘looks right’ in dresses. She’ll still mostly be a leggings kind of girl (like her mum I guess – ha), as she’s a bit of a tomboy, but I have splashed out lately and bought her some lovely dresses for the summer. However, I have nothing to hang them on…

Clothes hangers might not be the most exciting of topics, but actually, they are a bit of an enigma. I am constantly running out of them – I am sure in the old days (yikes, how old am I) shops used to give you clothes hangers along with the clothes you were buying, but perhaps now I’ve graduated to more ‘grown up’ shops they don’t want to give up their pricey wooden ones. (On that note, I find wooden coat hangers really annoying –  no grip, and everything slides off them). But anyway, I’ve found the same thing with Daphne’s burgeoning wardrobe – lots of lovely dresses, not enough hangers.

So I searched online, and I found some very boring practical ones, and a few really adorable ones too – hence today’s post. If you love nothing more than styling up your nursery, then just one of these beauties strategically placed will finish the look nicely…

These unique clothes hangers from Red Hand Gang are available on Folksy. Laser-cut from birch ply, they are made in the UK, and each design comes boxed and wrapped in tissue paper – making them a great new baby gift. There are also glittery options available. And I think we can all agree that they are absolutely adorable.

I’m fairly sure that flamingos were having a moment, trend-wise, a few years ago. But as you probably know, I think trends are pointless, and I still love flamingos. So I had to include this little treasure by Sass & Belle from This Modern Life. And yes, I know it’s pink. Again. Sorry.

Last but not least – I am not entirely sure why so much kids’ stuff is cloud-shaped, but it doesn’t stop me ooohing and ahhing every time I see another cloud-shaped cushion. These coat hangers are so lovely though, and best of all they come in a larger size too, so they’re not just for little ones. From Berylune.


5 ways to bring Scandi style to a nursery

Credit for lead image: Rocky cot bed from This Modern Life 

I have to admit I’m biased. But that’s OK, because this is a personal blog after all. But when it comes to nursery style, I am unstoppably drawn to all things Scandinavian.

It’s interesting really, because with the rest of the house, I’m not restrained enough to be Scandi. But I have fallen in love with Scandi style nurseries, and you’ve probably noticed a lot of the stuff I feature here has been inspired by this aesthete.

So for today’s post, I thought I’d do something a little different, and share with you my top five tips for bringing some Scandinavian magic to your little one’s nursery. Now, I think this look works best of all with eeny weeny babies, who haven’t yet had a chance to demand heaps of plastic toy monstrosities (but if you start them young enough, maybe they’ll never want anything else!). Here we go…

The Oliver cot in white from Mini Objects of Desire

Think white

Scandi style is helpfully very gender-neutral, and if you’re decorating a nursery and don’t know yet what flavour your baby will be, it’s failsafe. So keep walls white, and keep floorcoverings as light as possible. Remember, the key to a successful Scandi look is plenty of natural light and natural materials. So choose wooden floors where possible, and simple white-painted walls. A classic white cot, like this one from Mini Objects of Desire, is also a great choice for instant Scandi chic. Starting with this backdrop makes it easy to add interest in other ways, meaning the room can grow with your baby too.

Half Moon bedlinen from Lullabuy

Keep patterns simple and graphic

If you’re nervous of colour and pattern, then one way to guarantee some Scandi style is to stick to a monochrome palette throughout. This Ferm Living bedlinen from Lullabuy is perfect. Choose graphic artwork in contrasting black and white (for a good selection, visit our shop, and see below!). But if you do want to add some colour, then make sure any pattern used is simple and graphic.

Ferm Living stickers from This Modern Life

Tresxics Fir Trees from Lullabuy

Wall stickers are a great way to add interest – but keep them simple, like these ones from This Modern Life and Lullabuy. Stripes are always a timeless addition, too.

Sparrows from Lucie Kaas

Add wooden accents

There’s nothing like the beauty of natural wood to bring a room to life. But not all woods are equal – there’s no place for orange pine here. Think bleached or white-washed oak, beech, and kids’ room favourite, plywood, to keep tones muted and stylish. And wood doesn’t just have to be on furniture – small accessories are the perfect way to add some natural beauty to the room too. I love these Lucie Kaas sparrows from Utility Design so much I have them in my office. Keep them up high and out of reach of little ones’ grasps.

Fabelab animal cushions from Scandiborn

Bring in the animals

And on that note… don’t forget the animals! The Scandis are famously in touch with the natural world, and that includes all the other creatures living in it. Whether on artwork, bedlinen, cushions (these Fabelab ones from Scandiborn are adorable!) or rugs, there are tons of ways you can introduce decorative elements featuring friendly faces.

Sheepskin rug from The White Company

Don’t forget about texture

Last but not least: layer up the texture! Whether it’s a cosy rug on the floor, plenty of cushions on your chairs, natural lighting options or simple muslin curtains hanging from the windows, texture softens the look and adds cosiness. Sheepskin rugs like this one from The White Company are always a winner – but don’t forget you can throw them over chairs too, for authentic Scandi styling.

Our Top Six Retailers for Scandi Style 

Ikea (of course!)


Mini Objects of Desire


Scandiborn (read our interview with their founder Grace, here)