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Height charts

Do these have an ‘official’ name? I’m not entirely sure! Growth charts sounds a bit NHS and conjures up pictures of the Red Book and health visitors… *shudders at the memory*. But height chart sounds a bit formal somehow. Anyway, whatever they’re called, they’re the sort of thing that you might not bother with, then you turn around and your toddler is eight and you wish you could look back and remember how little and cute they once were. So, in short, well worth investing in.

We use a vintage dressmakers’ yard which belonged to Daphne’s late grandmother which we’ve attached to the wall in Daph’s room to keep track of her height. It’s actually amazing how much she’s grown when she was such a teeny tiny little thing (if you haven’t read my baby blog, you won’t know this, but she was just over 5 lb when she was born). Despite her diminutive start in life, she’s one of the tallest among her peers now!

But back to today’s post. Three of the best height/growth/measuring charts. Whatever you wanna call ’em. Here are my faves…

This beauty from Lovestruck Interiors was the inspiration for today’s post – I absolutely love it – not least because it can be personalised too with family names or messages. Made from softwood, with planed and chamfered edges in the same shape as a vintage ruler, there are five colours available – Aged Oak (dark), Mid Oak (light), Washed White, Pale Grey & Putty.

Next up is the beautiful Hagelens Feather Growth Chart from Scandiborn. Beautifully carved from oak veneer, it’s a really stunning piece in its own right, perfect for adding some subtle decor to a nursery or child’s room. It’s super easy to hang with double-sided tape, and you can take it with you when you move.

Last up, for those who want something a little more colourful, then take a look at the range of wall sticker height charts from Inkmill Vinyl. There are lots of different designs available, but this cheerful giraffe caught my eye. Easy to apply and easy to remove (without damaging walls), the stickers are available in wide a range of colours, meaning you can find the perfect one for you.


5 ways to bring Scandi style to a nursery

Credit for lead image: Rocky cot bed from This Modern Life 

I have to admit I’m biased. But that’s OK, because this is a personal blog after all. But when it comes to nursery style, I am unstoppably drawn to all things Scandinavian.

It’s interesting really, because with the rest of the house, I’m not restrained enough to be Scandi. But I have fallen in love with Scandi style nurseries, and you’ve probably noticed a lot of the stuff I feature here has been inspired by this aesthete.

So for today’s post, I thought I’d do something a little different, and share with you my top five tips for bringing some Scandinavian magic to your little one’s nursery. Now, I think this look works best of all with eeny weeny babies, who haven’t yet had a chance to demand heaps of plastic toy monstrosities (but if you start them young enough, maybe they’ll never want anything else!). Here we go…

The Oliver cot in white from Mini Objects of Desire

Think white

Scandi style is helpfully very gender-neutral, and if you’re decorating a nursery and don’t know yet what flavour your baby will be, it’s failsafe. So keep walls white, and keep floorcoverings as light as possible. Remember, the key to a successful Scandi look is plenty of natural light and natural materials. So choose wooden floors where possible, and simple white-painted walls. A classic white cot, like this one from Mini Objects of Desire, is also a great choice for instant Scandi chic. Starting with this backdrop makes it easy to add interest in other ways, meaning the room can grow with your baby too.

Half Moon bedlinen from Lullabuy

Keep patterns simple and graphic

If you’re nervous of colour and pattern, then one way to guarantee some Scandi style is to stick to a monochrome palette throughout. This Ferm Living bedlinen from Lullabuy is perfect. Choose graphic artwork in contrasting black and white (for a good selection, visit our shop, and see below!). But if you do want to add some colour, then make sure any pattern used is simple and graphic.

Ferm Living stickers from This Modern Life

Tresxics Fir Trees from Lullabuy

Wall stickers are a great way to add interest – but keep them simple, like these ones from This Modern Life and Lullabuy. Stripes are always a timeless addition, too.

Sparrows from Lucie Kaas

Add wooden accents

There’s nothing like the beauty of natural wood to bring a room to life. But not all woods are equal – there’s no place for orange pine here. Think bleached or white-washed oak, beech, and kids’ room favourite, plywood, to keep tones muted and stylish. And wood doesn’t just have to be on furniture – small accessories are the perfect way to add some natural beauty to the room too. I love these Lucie Kaas sparrows from Utility Design so much I have them in my office. Keep them up high and out of reach of little ones’ grasps.

Fabelab animal cushions from Scandiborn

Bring in the animals

And on that note… don’t forget the animals! The Scandis are famously in touch with the natural world, and that includes all the other creatures living in it. Whether on artwork, bedlinen, cushions (these Fabelab ones from Scandiborn are adorable!) or rugs, there are tons of ways you can introduce decorative elements featuring friendly faces.

Sheepskin rug from The White Company

Don’t forget about texture

Last but not least: layer up the texture! Whether it’s a cosy rug on the floor, plenty of cushions on your chairs, natural lighting options or simple muslin curtains hanging from the windows, texture softens the look and adds cosiness. Sheepskin rugs like this one from The White Company are always a winner – but don’t forget you can throw them over chairs too, for authentic Scandi styling.

Our Top Six Retailers for Scandi Style 

Ikea (of course!)


Mini Objects of Desire


Scandiborn (read our interview with their founder Grace, here)


Go To This Shop Interview


So excited to share this post with you – the first go to your room interview! One of the main reasons for setting up this blog was to highlight interiors brands run by parents. It seems obvious to me that no one quite understands a parent’s needs as much as another parent, and so it’s no surprise that lots of the design brands I’ve come across are run by families (not just mums!).

So, first up in a series of interviews with these inspiring folk (I’m not calling them mumpreneurs, am firmly on the fence about that label…) is the lovely Grace Tindall from Scandibørn. Grace lives in Sheffield with husband James and toddler son Harry, and she launched Scandibørn late last year, which is SO hard to believe, because they are just getting it right on so many fronts – from the products they stock, to the branding and ethos behind the company… inspiring indeed!

Wood cot by Oliver Furniture


Hello Grace! We love Scandibørn – how did the idea for it come about? 

It was definitely a combination of factors that came together at the right time to give us the final push to just get on and do it.

Maternity leave gave me some much needed headspace to think about my career, the life we wanted to build post kids and it also allowed me to formulate the business plan that I had thought so much about when I was pregnant. Simultaneously my husband, James got made redundant and we decided (against the advice of pretty much everyone!) to invest the very small pay out, take a leap of faith and go for it.

We love the whole ethos that surrounds Scandinavian living and interiors, it places value on buying products that will last years and fulfil different needs as our lives change. We’d spent a long time getting our home just perfect and having children seemed to open the door into a whole range of eyesores that I didn’t want lying round our living room (don’t get me wrong Harry still has a whole lot of plastic toys, they are just stowed away in stylish storage bags!).

We felt there was a gap in the market for people like us who wanted to be able to create beautiful, playful and stylish spaces for their children that fitted with their contemporary homes.

Wood bunk bed by Oliver Furniture


Can you tell us a little bit about what you did before? 

Previously I was a management consultant for a big US-based IT firm. Obviously this is a totally unrelated industry so I suppose it took me a bit longer to work out the dos and don’ts of retail. In the same vein that’s given us advantages too – I had to go with my instinct and I used the skills I’d already gained – project management, contract management, delivery to tight timelines and importantly never accepting ‘no’ as the final answer!

What have you enjoyed the most since starting the company?

It has to be choosing the products and styling the site. There is nothing better for me than discovering a new brand or wonderful new collection that ticks all our boxes.

Elephant table by Elements Optimal


How do you choose which pieces to stock? 

The first thing I wrote in my notebook when I started to build the idea of Scandibørn was ‘who are we?’ I often go back to that page and take a look at those key words when I’m undecided about a product or brand. Everything we sell has to knit together with that clean, Scandi aesthetic that we adore.

We’ve had a clear focus and ethos from the beginning, we think very carefully about every product we bring into our store – we always ask two questions 1) would we buy it? 2) does it fit the Scandi brief? If either of those are ‘no’ it’s not coming in. We want people to feel inspired when shopping with us and that starts with knowing who we are and staying true to that.

What’s the most challenging aspect of combining motherhood with work, and how do you overcome it?

It’s definitely a tough one, but I haven’t spoken to any parent that finds it easy. James generally does the nursery pick up so I can work a bit longer then I take time with Harry until bed time. Post 7.30pm I unwind either with a run (if I’m feeling energetic) or with a glass of red wine…

We have a no work rule post 8.30pm that we really try to stick to, we also make sure we always take one day off at the weekend and do something altogether as a family.

Kids’ room by OYOY


What are your favourite pieces?

That’s a hard one! I do have particular soft spots for several of our Danish brands, Cam Cam Copenhagen was the first brand we signed up – their style is classic Scandinavian with a Japanese influence which makes them and their prints stand out from the crowd. Liewood Design is another favourite, they are a relatively new brand who are all about simplicity with a playful twist – they are launching a wooden Playgym this spring which is nothing short of amazing and something we’ve been crying out for in the UK for a while.

Can you describe your own home?

We live in a 1930s semi and we’ve spent years doing it up… we’ve almost finished! It’s definitely a mix of styles –of course we have a lot of Scandi elements – light wood, clean lines, string shelving, pastel tones. That’s combined with a love of retro furniture and pops of colour in the right places – we recently bought a Ligne Roset Togo Sofa in bright orange which looks perfect in our bay windowed lounge.

F Designer Kids Loft bed by Rafa Kids


What’s your hope for the company’s future? 

Sometimes I would adore to have our own storefront, the creative in me would love to have the chance to style a physical store.

However what I love about online is that there are no limitations, so I’ve been able to create our perfect aesthetic, ensuring our site reflects our brand to the tee and shows off our beautiful products in the best possible way. Customers also get to see our products in different settings and I think can better imagine them within their own homes.

Currently, the SS17 range is our immediate focus but we also have some very exciting developments we’re working on now and although we can’t share too much yet it’s going to really help Scandibørn to continue to grow!

When you’re not running the business, how do you like to spend your time?

I’m in a house full of boys so generally first point of call is to get outside and blow off steam/energy! We’re lucky enough to live a stone’s throw from some gorgeous woods and a couple of miles from the beautiful Peak District so we have plenty of lovely walks at our disposal as well as some nice pubs for Sunday lunch!

A big thank you to Grace for her time – check out Scandibørn here>