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Mo turtle playhouse by Hulki

Here’s something I’ve learnt over the last few months: almost as popular as plywood in the kids’ furniture department is, believe it or not, heavy-duty cardboard. It makes sense, if you think about it – it’s eco-friendly, fully recyclable, sturdy and little ones can have free rein to draw all over it without fear of reprisals.

My friend and all round super-stylist-mum Poppy Norton sent me the details for Hulki’s amazing animal-themed playhouses, made from this wonder material, and I just had to feature them. On that note, I am loving all the bits and bobs I am being sent since launching this blog – please keep them coming people!

Suitable for kids aged from 3 to 7, the Hulki playhouses cross the border into toys-ville, but I’ve decided I don’t care anymore. There are too many amazing toys out there not to share them from time to time on the blog too (on that note, I’ve got the most beautiful play kitchen coming up – stay tuned!).

But back to the Hulki playhouses. My favourite is definitely this cool turtle with its cute cut-out windows – the geometric design of the cardboard inside is actually something rather beautiful.

There’s also a whale design (named Anton, because, of course a whale would be called Anton). Made in the Netherlands, and both available from Toyella. A fab alternative to a wendy house or teepee.


Bathroom reveal

So…it’s been a while since I finished my bathroom, but I was waiting for some LIGHT and SUNSHINE in order to photograph it. But look, we had five minutes of the stuff on Tuesday and now it’s buggered off again. So I’ve given up. Here’s the bathroom, in the delightfully dull March light we’re all now so depressingly used to. Am hoping that by posting this, the sun will decide to appear and stick around, just to spite me for not waiting a little bit longer.

You may remember my personality-less bathroom from my post before here…

Grim eh? But here it is now… *ta-daaaa*

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