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Nidi Design

Something for bigger kids today! Nidi Design by Battistella is an ultra-cool Italian brand that specialises in creating modular and customisable furniture for children. And the designs are beautiful.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I was a teenager, my bedroom was 100% Ikea. Apart from my bed, which may have been Argos. Anyway, if I recall correctly there was a LOT of beech chipboard and silver tubular metal (along with my petrol-blue walls and hot-pink stencilled border, but the less said about that the better…). The furniture wasn’t much to write home about. If I could have had even one thing from Nidi Design, I would have been over the moon and the envy of all my mates, I’m sure.

So back to their offering – it is huge. So much so that I’ve just featured a few of my favourites in this post. But you get the idea – modular furniture, plenty of different colour and finish options (more than 15 in fact) and lots of clever storage, which is always a massive bonus, especially when children become teenagers.

The main thing to note is that kids can mix up the pieces to create a bedroom or play space that is completely unique to them – using bold pops of colour combined with more natural wood finishes. There’s also a bespoke service available, so if you’re contending with an awkward-shaped room, you can have furniture custom-made to fit perfectly and make the most of the space available.

Where the brand really stands out from the crowd is with its desks. They’re all gorgeous, and feature clever little additions such as mirrors hidden under the lids, converting them instantly into a dressing table. The wardrobes are also striking – proper statement pieces that could completely lift a room’s design.

As with most Italian design, it’s not cheap. Having said that, I’d expect the resale values on these pieces to stay strong, especially if they’re taken care of. If you’re interested, you can see a huge range of Nidi Design pieces at Nubie.

3 Of The Best

Space-saving cots

They always say that there’s never a good time to have a baby, and that you’re never ready for it, no matter how much you try to prepare. I think this must be true; it certainly was for me, because when I got pregnant we were living in a one-and-a-half bedroom flat that was already jammed to the rafters with stuff.

When I say half bedroom, I’m not exaggerating, it was tiny. We quickly realised that we didn’t have space for a full-size cot – most of them are around 150cm long. So we set about researching more compact versions.

Since I got pregnant (two and a half years ago now!) the market for compact cots seems to have picked up, but there wasn’t a great amount of choice available when we were looking, and the ones we did find were mostly very boring or flimsy-looking.

So I hope today’s post will be useful to urban parents who are struggling to find a way to squeeze a cot into their home office/spare bedroom/laundry drying room/dumping ground. Here are my top three space-saving cots – all of which also grow with your child, making them good investments too.

First up is the Stokke Sleepi, and this was without doubt the cot I most wanted when I found out I was pregnant.

It’s the most versatile of the three, going from teeny tiny Moses-basket-like to full blown toddler bed. As always, Stokke just get it right when it comes to timeless kids’ design. I also love the fact you can have it on castors, making it easy to move around. The only reason we didn’t go for this cot was that it’s quite pricey.

Next up, an old favourite. I’ve talked about the Mokee mini cot loads already, but I just think it’s so brilliant. And in case you’re new here (hi!), it’s the cot we actually chose for Daphne. We went for it in the end as we liked its simplicity and amazing price tag, plus the fact that it can be converted to a toddler bed.

It was very easy to put together and I love its airy open feel. The hardest bit was choosing which colour to go for – as we were moving house, we went for the neutral white and wood one, but I love all the coloured versions too, especially the stony teal colour pictured. Mokee have heaps of good-value accessories available too, including a nifty storage drawer for underneath, and some great cot-top changing mats.

Last but not least, is the very stylish cot by Danish designers Leander, available from Nubie. I really love the curved sides of this cot – it looks so cosy and stylish, and the fact that there are no awkward edges for kids to bump their heads or limbs on.

It’s another bed that will grow and grow and grow with your child, meaning they can use it until they are at least six. There are matching cot bumpers available too, and it comes in four different colours.

Which one do you like best?


Lil’Gaea from Nubie

Goodness knows how you pronounce it, but Lil’Gaea is my newest kids’ interiors discovery, brought to you by the very lovely and inspirational kids’ store Nubie. I’m really quite in love with this Turkish brand already, not least because they have macaron-shaped stools on offer! (Note to my sister, who’s obsessed with macarons, you need one of these in your life!)

Lil’Gaea’s ethos is ‘to create functional, imaginative and ethical furniture for children, which also demonstrates an ongoing respect for the environment’. The collection of beds, cradles and storage pieces are all handmade but best of all, have a wonderfully whimsical feel, set off by the mostly pastel colour schemes. ‘Cute and cheerful’, as their press release described them – I’ve tried to better this description and failed, so I’m nicking it.

Oval Slatted Crib

Casa Single Bed

The thing I like best about the collection is that it’s not matchy-matchy, and you could pick just one piece – such as the oval slatted crib – and make a real statement with it. Several of the pieces have clever twists too – such as the four-poster bed, which has an optional bunk conversion kit. But it’s designed to be space-saving too. Neat.

Pyramid Drawer Set

I love the Pyramid stacking drawer set – each ‘drawer’ is sold separately, so you can create your own combination of colours and height. Another piece which can stand alone, and would last children until they left home.

Macaron Seats

But my absolute favourite are these amazing macaron seats. There are seven different colours available, such as Powder Blue, Soft Lilac and Mint, and the seats have been designed so that little ones can pick them up and carry them about easily. But as well as that, they are quite simply ADORABLE, right?

Lil’Gaea is another parent-led brand brought to life after the birth of award-winning designers Pinar Yar and Yugrul Govsa’s own child. You can find the range on Nubie here.

3 Of The Best Accessories

Animal-print cot bedlinen

I’m kind of annoyed with whoever invented baby/toddler sleeping bags. Because let’s face it, they are such a brilliant solution to a massive problem, and Daphne’s been using a sleeping bag ever since she gave up being swaddled (read: wriggled her way out of the muslin and wailed furiously). But but but… it means I have to wait just a little bit longer until I can indulge in the previously unexplored field of TODDLER BEDLINEN.

And oh my, what a choice, what a selection out there. I’ve been doing some research as Daphne is now using a pillow so I needed something to cover it in – and here are three of my absolute favourite designs. All of which had animal-prints on them. I can sense a series of blog posts coming on, because there were some bloomin’ lovely non-animal print ones out there too.

I can’t wait until she’s kicked the sleeping bag aside and I can properly tuck her in under one of these adorable sets…

OK confession time, I did actually order this set for Daphne. As I said, she now has a little pillow in her cot (to help her work out which way up to lie – believe it or not once we removed her Sleepyhead she got very confused with how she was meant to position herself in bed!) so I’ve been using the pillowcase from this set, and the duvet cover is folded up in the airing cupboard waiting for her to get bigger. I love the fact it has a different design on each side, and the soft grey and white would fit in nicely with any nursery scheme. It’s by Farg & Form, from Nubie.

For those who love colour… Daphne’s favourite animals are elephants, and there’s something wonderfully retro and 60s about this design by London-based designer Rachel Powell. Plus the teal shade is perfect – bright, cheerful and fun, just what you want in a kids’ room.

Last but not least, bunnies again – sorry – but they’re BRIGHT ORANGE. Neon, almost. Can’t go wrong with a bit of neon about the place – I especially love the matching sheet here. I would totally have chosen this bedlinen if it wasn’t for the fact we have some quite busy wallpaper up in Daphne’s room already, and it might be a bit of a pattern overload. But this is just gorgeous, isn’t it? And it’s from Lulu & Nat.

3 Of The Best Furniture

Colourful Cots

The tradition for cots has always been white, or natural wood. I’m not sure why this is really – I guess it’s something about keeping nurseries bright and light.

Indeed, we chose a beech and white cot for Daphne’s room – mostly because we wanted to be able to use accessories to add colour and interest. But I’ve seen a few coloured cots lately that have really got me thinking – and wishing I could go back in time and be a bit braver…

So, if you’re about to choose a cot for your expected arrival (congrats!) here are a few colourful options to get you thinking… let me know if you’re going to go bold!

The Flexa cot, available from Nubie, comes in four different colours, including Mint, Rose and White, but I think you’ll agree this gorgeous orangey-yellow is the winner. I adore the 60s vibe and the design – and the fact you can get matching furniture (the storage bench in the picture at the top is simple perfection). It’s also nice and compact at 120cm long, so would work well in smaller nurseries.

Admittedly a pricey option (the US designers describe it as ‘heirloom friendly’), the Kalon Studios Caravan Crib, available from Lullabuy, comes in a range of different colours, but this striking blue/green is probably the most unusual cot colour I’ve ever come across. It can be used as a cot, a cot bed, and then as a proper kids’ bed, once you’ve bought a conversion kit. It’s made from sustainable maple wood, and is finished in non-toxic paints. so it hits the eco-friendly criteria too.

This is my least favourite of the three design wise, but the colours available on the Laurette Kiss Curl cot bed are just amazing – including this pinky-red shade, called Bubblegum Candy Pink, believe it or not… There’s also Turquoise, Vintage Dusty Pink and a Dark Grey on offer. The base has three different heights and it can be converted into a bed, meaning it can be used up to the age of 5. Available from Smallable in the UK.