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Today’s super shop is one I wouldn’t have known about if it wasn’t for my interview with the lovely Lucy last week (if you missed that, btw, check it out here). Something I have noticed since I’ve been researching children’s interiors is that the Australians have so many more original and quirky products for kids on offer than we do here – I think it’s something that’s interestingly a bit lacking in UK designers. So if there are any out there reading this, I reckon there’s a real niche to be filled!

Antipodream, as the name might suggest, specialises in products from Australian and New Zealand. And their collection is full of quirky, colourful designs that are a world away from the Scandi minimalism we see more often.

In their own words: ‘The Antipodream collection focuses on bright colours, bold designs and print layering.  Every item has been carefully selected with an eye for quality, durability and sustainability – allowing you to create colourful, relaxed spaces for your children that suit their tastes as much as yours.’

Sounds good to me. Let’s take a look at some of their star products…

First up is the amazing collection by Electric Confetti. Neon signs have been a ‘thing’ in mainstream interiors for over a year now, but there’s no sign of the trend waning. And these kid-friendly versions are absolutely amazing – I love them and want them all. I think they work just as well in teenager’s rooms as they do in little kids’ rooms too. Or a playroom. If you’re lucky enough to have a playroom in your house, they’re just perfect.

There are eight different designs to choose from, but my favourite is the lollipop above – I love the colours and the ombre effect. Although the unicorn is pretty nifty too.

On to even more kitsch delights – this rainbow mirror is made from shatterproof plexi glass and has more than a nod to the 70s and 80s.

Next up in my top picks is this unusual wall shelf – I love the vibrant colour and the perforated metal – it’s magnetised too, so you can stick things to it easily.

There’s also a range of limited edition prints on offer, and I’m rather taken with this bird by Pete Cromer, and his lovely feathered headdress.

Last but not least, this is my fave from their fab pillowcase range. Dinosaurs in every colour. Love it.

Phew! I think this might be my most colourful blog post to date. Hope you love these picks as much as I do – let me know what you think by leaving a comment below, or chatting to me on Facebook or Instagram!


Childhome furniture from Cuckooland

Another new European brand to introduce to you today – this time from Belgium. Childhome is the latest company to be added to Cuckooland‘s roster, and their designs are both stylish and incredibly affordable. Yay!

The range on offer is based around the ever popular teepee – with beds, clothes rails and even a wall shelf all echoing the shape of a teepee. I love the clean lines (of course) and simple styling – perfect for making a statement without being too loud. Let’s take a closer look at the pieces…

First up is the main event – the Tipi Bed. Available in two sizes, its low height makes it ultra-safe, and it’s just perfect for transitioning a toddler to a big bed (no chance of anyone falling out and bumping their heads). The frame makes it almost den-like too – irresistible.

But best of all are the decoration possibilities! A gorgeous neutral frame just waiting to be adorned with lights or garlands.

Next up and complementing the bed perfectly is the Tipi Clothes Rack. I’m not normally a fan of open shelving but this is so stylish even I love it. The low shelf is practical too, meaning little ones can access their things easily.

As far as adorable little shelves for kids’ rooms go, this one is right up there. The ideal shape and size for adding some interest to the walls, with the perfect little nook to display favourite pieces.

And last up, a teepee-themed bedroom would not be complete without an actual teepee. I actually love the fact this isn’t monochrome, but has a cute tipi-print design on it. It comes in a storage bag so it can be folded away when necessary. See more of our favourite teepees>

Childhome is a family-run brand (another big yay) and the pieces above will all be available to buy from the 1 July (they’re not up just yet, in case you’re wondering), from the Cuckooland site.

GTYR Loves

Design Letters for kids

Hello! We’re back! Apologies for the extended break – in the week after our holiday I had that usual joy of a million things to catch up on, but I’m very excited to be back sharing my latest and greatest finds with you. And on that note, thank you to everyone who’s sent in press releases and info – if I haven’t got back to you yet it doesn’t mean I’m not interested, just that I’m trying to decide what to feature and when. Thanks very much and please do keep them coming!

And so, on to today’s post. Another one that was inspired by personal experience. Am I the only one who comes back from holiday and sees my home with fresh eyes? And this time, I came home and hated everything about my home with fresh eyes (not sure that that makes sense…). I went a bit crazy having a good clear out and reorganising – a very late spring clean really. And I decided that I wanted to update all our kitchen accessories as they don’t suit our kitchen at all – we brought them from our old place and plonked them down, but they’re far too vintage for our current kitchen.

First port of call on my online shopping search was Design Letters – I already have a few bits from there, and so I had a good nose round their website and re-discovered the amazing designs for children.

You’re probably already familiar with the Design Letters range – featuring Scandi-perfection typography by Arne Jacobsen, designed in 1937. The range is huge – from tea towels to ceramic storage jars to stationery and bedlinen. But the children’s designs are especially cool, I think. I love the fact that they’re educational in a very relaxed way – what better way to absorb the letters of the alphabet than by osmosis? And also they’re gender-neutral and hugely practical, especially the tableware, which is melamine.

So, to ease us back in, here are a few of my top picks from the range, if you love a bit of Scandi monochrome simplicity as much as I do…

I’ve said before that I think trays are absolutely brilliant for toddlers – and compartmentalised ones are even better for when you’re weaning and they’re mostly eating finger food. I think both of these designs are fab, and they’ll last too. Once your little ones have grown up, they’ll be perfect for picnics and snacks.

Undoubtedly the most stylish melamine cutlery you will ever find…

… followed by undoubtedly the most stylish beaker.

Last but not least, this beautiful bib comes in three shades but I’m stuck on this mint green. So stylish.

What do you think? Are you a fan? All items available from the Design Letters online shop, as well as lots of UK stockists.


We need you!

Hello! A couple of bits of ‘business’ to discuss with you today!

You may have guessed from the picture and headline, but I wanted to do a little shout out to you all. First of all though, a big thanks is due. I’ve been so chuffed with the response to the blog since launching in March – I’ve had so many more visitors than I could have predicted, which is fantastic and hopefully means I’m filling a bit of gap in the blogging world.

So, I thought today I’d say: please don’t be shy! If you’re an independent children’s designer, get in touch! I don’t charge to feature brands, I genuinely simply feature products that I love and I love hearing from you all. So please do send me your press releases/stories – you can use the form on the Contact page to get in touch.

I really want to build a little resource here for new and existing parents to refer to when they’re doing up their children’s rooms/playrooms, so am constantly on the hunt for the most original and exciting new designs. And on another note, if you’re an inspiring mum or dad with an amazing nursery or children’s room to share, then please do drop me a line too – I’m always on the lookout for real room tours to feature.

Phew! The short version of all that waffle is: got something lovely to share? then get in touch! Please and thank you!

Secondly, we’re on holiday in Devon this week, which means that I’m going to have a week off blogging. I will be back next Tuesday 13th. It’s tempting to work while we’re down here but I think better for all our sanities if I have a proper break from t’internet. Especially with the horrible events occurring at the moment. And on that note, hope you and all your loved ones are safe – I’ll be squeezing Daphne extra hard today.

3 Of The Best


Now, I’m aware that lightboxes have become a little bit of an interiors cliche, because they’ve been EVERYWHERE for the past couple of years. Particularly the DIY letter types that you can customise with your own thoughts/shopping lists/mantras. They’re cute but they’ve become a little too ubiquitous methinks.

Daphne has four different sources of lighting in her room, plus a Gro Clock, so sadly I’m not sure we can squeeze anything else in. However, I am thinking of swapping her rather boring nightlight for one of these fun designs – if I can decide which…

Despite suffering a little from over-exposure, lightboxes are still a really fun way to add lighting to a kids’ room, and there are some really fab designs out there. As I’ve probably said a thousand times, I’m a sucker for quirky lighting and I love the fact that in a child’s room, you’ve basically got carte blanche to go a bit mad. Lightboxes are a really affordable way of doing this, and in today’s post I wanted to think outside the box (sorry, couldn’t resist) and go for something different. So, here are my top three lightboxes, if you’re looking for something a little more unusual (and can’t think what to spell out yourself!)…

I was sent a press release from Sgt Smith about their quirky personalised dinosaur lightboxes, and couldn’t resist them. There are a choice of colours available, and you can add your child’s ‘dinosaur’ name to the design. Handmade in Huddersfield, each lightbox has a wired electrical connection, and is designed to sit on a flat surface, providing a soft sidelight.

On another scale entirely, how amazing is this lightbox? From Oakdene Designs, it depicts Planet Earth in all its glory, and is probably designed for grown ups, but I think older children would love it. There’s also a moon version available. Very cool for any budding astronauts out there…

Last but not least, another beauty by A Little Lovely Company. The Lightbox Frame from This Modern Life is an interchangeable poster frame with LED lights behind, meaning you can change the look as often as you like. There are lots of sets of posters available – from cute animals like this little panda to inspirational sayings. It’s perfect for little kids who can get involved and choose which poster to display, but there are also some adorable nursery-themed posters available, so it works well as a nightlight too. It’s also currently half price – bonus!