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Introducing: go to your room!

Squeak! This is quite scary. Today, I officially launched my brand spanking new blog: go to your room! No, not a handy advice site on how to discipline your kids (although if someone else fancies setting that up, you’ve got a keen reader here already). But a blog all about two of my biggest passions: interiors and kids!

(So, yes, just to clear up any confusion: it’s a blog all about kids’ interiors.)

Some of you may not know that I’ve spent most of my working life writing about interiors for magazines and websites. I’ve always loved poking about in people’s homes, seeing how they choose to furnish and decorate them. This blog used to have a few interiors-y bits on it, but to be honest, it was never a dedicated interiors blog, because I wanted to write about my life more than I wanted to write about design (because I was doing that every day as my day job anyway). But when I had Daphne, I really struggled to find much out there on children’s interiors. I certainly couldn’t find any blogs that ‘spoke’ to me (ugh, kill me now) full of fun, functional design-led products that both Daphne and I could enjoy.

So yes. Go to your room is my new venture. The name is tongue in cheek, obviously, but will hopefully stick in your mind! Please head on over there now and have a look – tell me what you think! There’s even a very cool shopping section, where you can buy some of my favourite pieces directly without having to leave the blog. I want to focus on highlighting independent brands as much as possible – especially those set up by parents, so if that’s you, please do give me a shout and share your story.

And of course, if there’s anything you’re searching for in particular, but you just can’t find, then do ping me a tweet or leave me a comment, and I’ll do my utmost to hunt down some suggestions for you.

Of course, you can also follow the blog on Instagram (I have like literally no followers on there at the moment, so please do come and join me!), Pinterest and Facebook.

Eeek! Hope you like!