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So, today my gay husband Mev and I decided to have a cultural day out. Lunch ‘somewhere chichi’ (his words not mine) then off to the V&A to see the new Hollywood costumes exhibition.

It didn’t really work out like that. Instead, we found ourselves drawn to the spectacularly un-chichi Bubbledogs, the latest in a new range of ‘gimmick’ restaurants.

We arrived shortly before 2pm to be greeted by a cheerful queue of around 20 people. So far, so predictable.


Just after we arrived, it started to rain, so we were pleased when the queue shuffled inside, and we ended up stood instead in a narrow corridor eyeballing the already seated punters. For about 20 minutes. Eventually we were ushered inside and allocated our tiny portion of, well, shelf really, overlooking the stairs.

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