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LIFE Midweek Musings

Midweek Musings: New Year, New Everything?


A very happy new year to you all! I know I’m a bit late to the party but I’ve just got back from Dartmouth in Devon, where I spent my 35th birthday. I’ll gloss over the whole ‘turning 35’ thing because to be honest it REALLY doesn’t seem important anymore – just a bit random. Like, I remember every now and then how old I am and think ‘huh, that’s mad, how did that happen’ then carry on doing whatever it is I was doing. Age is just a number blah blah.

Dartmouth was Chip’s first official ‘holiday’ and it went pretty well, all things considering. Four-month-old babies certainly don’t travel light – we managed to squeeze her buggy, cot, Sleepyhead, Perfect Prep machine, baby bath and car seat in my old Golf, along with ourselves and our own luggage of course. She coped pretty well with the five-hour journey, bless her, although she did decide to do a poonami both on the way there and on the way back, meaning we had to try to change her at the side of the road twice. Top tip: the parcel shelf makes a very good changing mat.

I’ve already written about Dartmouth so I won’t go into too much detail again. But it was lovely to have Chip there with us in our favourite place, and my parents and sister also came down too so for once I had my whole family around me on my birthday. Oli and I even got to go to the cinema (Star Wars – can’t remember a dicky bird about it now) – the first thing we’ve done together without the baby since she was born!


Best of all, I got to visit my favourite art gallery, Baxters, and bought myself a new piece of art – this serene lithograph by Alan Stones. I’m going to hang it above my pink sofa, instead of the triptych of Vogue ladies (they’re framed in cheap Ikea frames and the mounts have gone a not-very-attractive shade of yellow).

Anyway I’m quite glad to see the back of 2015, although all the bad things that happened pale into insignificance when I see my little girl beaming up at me first thing in the morning. But 2016, I have high hopes for you! Namely: we need to find a new home and I need to find a new career. No pressure then…


Sourcebook: My Bedroom


Oh isn’t it lovely when you think of an idea for a SERIES for your blog? No effort involved, no racking of brains trying to find something of interest to share with the world. All the hard work is done already.

So here we go, without further delay and following on from my previous post all about my living room, it’s time for the lowdown on all the bits and bobs in my teeny tiny bedroom. Yes, I do manage to fit ALL MY CLOTHES into that one built-in wardrobe and chest of drawers. Ha ha ha, only joking.

Enjoy. As ever, please leave me a comment if I’ve missed anything off or you have any queries! I do love talking interiors.


Wall colour (pink), Calamine, Farrow & Ball
Wall colour (white), Brilliant White, Dulux
Bed, Loaf
Bedside tables, Ikea
Bedside lamps, Original BTC
Screenprint, by Clare Cutts from Baxters Gallery
Framed postcards, frames from Habitat, postcards inherited
Tissue box, The White Company
Bedlinen, Laura Ashley
Cushions, H&M
Curtains, Dunelm Mill
Storage baskets on top of wardrobe (just seen in first pic), Ikea

lifebylotte-bedroom3Chest of drawers, Ikea
Clock, Heal’s
Mirror, Ikea
Pigeon light, Thorsten van Elten
Wicker washing basket, Debenhams
Vase, inherited
Glass storage jars, The White Company


Carpet, Wool Cord in Moon, Alternative Flooring
Ottoman, Loaf
Mirror, taken from an old wardrobe door, painted in Ammonite, Farrow & Ball

All photos copyright Houzz UK and taken by the supremely talented Chris Snook


Sourcebook: My Living Room


OK, so apologies, I agree, ‘Sourcebook’ is supremely wanky. Who do I think I am? An interior designer? Fear not, no, I know my place – I just couldn’t think of anything else to call this post.

Since my flat was featured on the very lovely Houzz UK a few months ago, and since I will very soon (hopefully) be moving out of it (if we can ever find anywhere to live), I thought I’d put some details down on the blog of where everything in each room is from. Lots of people keep getting in touch and asking me for details about things, and it’s really LOVELY because it means I must have SOME taste (despite someone on Houzz commenting that my flat was ‘a hybrid of girlie, retro, seaside, student, office, modern, with a twist of chic that I’m finding difficult to love’ – I mean personally, I think that sounds kind of awesome, but hey, I guess I would).

First up, because it’s the one with the most stuff in it: my living room. So here’s a grand old list of where everything is from, in case you’re interested. And, yes, I know, this blog post requires no creativity on my part. Ha.

Some things may no longer be available as they’ve been accumulated over several years – if so drop me a line and I’ll try to find an alternative for you.

Hopefully I haven’t missed anything – feel free to leave a comment if so and I shall get back to you forthwith!


Wall colour, Ammonite, Farrow & Ball
Chimneybreast colour, White – not sure, probably Dulux Brilliant White
Floor paint, Downpipe, Farrow & Ball
Rug, bespoke from Alternative Flooring
Sofa, Fancy Nancy, Sofa Workshop
Coffee table, Ercol (from eBay)
Armchair, Ercol (inherited)
TV stand, Heal’s vintage
Grey chest, Garrat Storage ChestLaura Ashley, painted in Plummett (I think! can’t remember), Farrow & Ball
Mirror above fireplace, 60s dressing table mirror from a junk shop
White leather pouf, Heal’s
Large lantern, Nordic House
Small lanterns, Debenhams
Ceiling light, Habitat
Blinds, Ikea
Cushion on sofa, Sparrow & Co
Throw on sofa, Melin Tregwynt
Cushions on armchair, MissPrint (yellow) and Mini Moderns (grey)
Chest of drawers in corner, antique, inherited (I would paint them but the top has a lovely patina so can’t bring myself to)
Art above sofa (not seen here but on first pic), framed pages from an old Vogue calendar


Bureau, inherited from my grandparents, 1950s
Desk, The Pier – remember them!? I hate my desk and I actually have this amazing Sebastian Cox for Heal’s one waiting for me in storage at the moment… if we can ever find that aforementioned new house
Desk chair, Eames DSW
Colour Sphere wall print, A Rum Fellow
Bookcase, Ikea (where else!)
Bunny lamp, The Little Baby Company
Desk lamp, Homebase
Bin, Ikea


Lamp and shade, Habitat
Typewriter, eBay
Chest of drawers, as before
Lithograph by Alan Stones, from Baxters Gallery, Dartmouth

All photos copyright Houzz UK and taken by the supremely talented Chris Snook