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Reach baby gym

Quite possibly the loveliest baby gym you ever did see for you today folks. It’s another one of those ‘wish I’d known about it when Daph was tiny’ products. So many things about this appeal to me – especially the stars…

Yes, when Daphne was little we had one of those horrible Baby Einstein play gyms, all garish colours and tinny classical music. We bought it on a whim because it was half price in Early Learning Centre, not entirely sure we even needed it, but it turns out that baby gyms are amazing at distracting your baby while you sneak in some time to have a wee, and it was one of our most-used products… even though it was ugly!

Made from ash hardwood and braided hemp cord, the baby gym from Oskoe is in another league entirely. I love its simplicity – and you’ll love the fact that it’s easy to assemble, and easy to put away, with no tools required (or batteries!). It’s the kind of piece that you could definitely keep for future offspring or donate to relatives, or even store safely for the next generation to use.

You can buy matching star and moon accessories made from the same beautiful hardwood – and the star shapes have been designed to hang down from the middle so that your baby gets to see the whole silhouette. But it’s also compatible with most hanging toys, so if you feel the need to add some of that garish plastic then you can, easily.

The designers chose British-grown ash thanks to its strength and durability, and the fact that large numbers of ash trees have been felled recently thanks to dieback disease. But its lovely warm colouring and beautiful grain patterning makes it a win-win decision.

You can buy the Reach baby gym online at Oskoe, and it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on this stylish brand and their ‘calmingly minimal clean-lined products that are lovely to live with’. Sounds good to me.

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