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Q&A with Little Knights Paint

The natural inclination when you’re expecting a baby is to grab the paintbrushes (or get your other half to) and decorate the nursery, but have you ever thought about the paint you’re using to do so? It’s widely accepted that paint fumes can have adverse affects on asthma sufferers and very young babies should be kept away from anything with harmful solvents in. The NHS advises people to choose paints specifically designed for use in children’s rooms, and so when I heard about a new paint brand, Little Knights, specifically designed for nurseries, I was intrigued.

I spoke to the founder, Mark Gardner, about the story behind the brand, and asked him to share some of his expertise…

How did Little Knights start?

I wanted to create the safest paint in the marketplace. We know people can get headaches or have sinus issues related to paint, and this can be even worse for young children whose immune system is still developing.

There are paints on the marketplace that sound safe because of their claim that the ingredients are ‘100% natural’, but they use things like casein, a milk produce which contains protein and bacteria. This can become a potential breeding ground for bacteria and mould, which can lead to chest-related illnesses and other problems.

Other products are marketed as “low-VOC”, but Little Knights is 100% VOC free, odour-free, completely solvent-free and antibacterial.

Can you tell us about your background?

I have worked in the coatings industry for 35 years and have made specialist products for all manner of applications, including anti-bacterial products for the NHS, schools and restaurants, giving me a unique insight into what is possible.

What is it that makes Little Knights stand out?

Every single pigment and resin we are using is completely harmless and VOC-free. The active additive is all FDA, EPA, HAC-approved and have non-hazardous certification.

Early in the development stage, one of the biggest chemical companies in the world introduced a brand-new resin that we are one of the first paint manufacturers to use. Not only did it help us to make Little Knights even safer, it contains a unique additive that absorbs formaldehyde (widely used in the manufacture of MDF furniture, carpets and curtains) from the air and chemically alters it to render it harmless.

Once Little Knights paint hits the watercourse system, it breaks down, meaning it doesn’t harm the environment when you wash your brushes out in the sink.

How did you come up with the range of colours?

There are sixteen colours in the range, inspired by the Suffolk countryside, and we worked with a designer to get these right. Although Little Knights was primarily intended to be a nursery paint, we felt it was important to introduce colours suitable for all the family and for every room. Every batch of paint is individually made and physically checked by eye.

Anything else that parents should know about Little Knights?

The boxes are eco-friendly. They are made from 100% recyclable card and are thicker than any other transport paint box, which means they should always arrive safely at a customer’s door. We use triple-lock tins so you can reseal the tin and the lid locks back on itself. There should be no mess or spills with Little Knights!

Find out more about the brand at the Little Knights website> 

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