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Portraits wallpaper by Hibou Home

I have this problem with wallpaper. I love it. I love all of it (mostly). But I find it really hard to live with patterns for a long time. When we moved into this house, there were feature walls galore in all the bedrooms, which we covered up with less floraly, more seventies wallpaper, as befits the style of the house. And I do love it. But I already want to change it. I think I just can’t stay committed to one design.

In Daph’s room, we have a very cool design by Mini Moderns (one day, when I get my good camera out, I’ll take some pics and do a room tour of Daph’s room for you all!). But when I was looking for wallpaper for her room, I did really fall in love with this whimsical design by Hibou Home.

Inspired by traditional ancestral family portraits, the design features delightful portraits of animal characters framed in olive leaf wreaths. They even have names. Yes, really. Of course they have names! My particular favourite is the hare, named Great Uncle Algernon (what else could he be called?!). However, I’m fairly sure that Daphne would love Aunt Maude, the cat with the pillbox hat, best.

The design is finished off with subtle gold accents, to add a bit of shimmer, and it’s very firmly gender-neutral too, which pleases me. There are also matching cushions in the range to complete the look. Gorgeous. Available from Hibou Home.

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