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Polly bed by Incy Interiors

It’s taken me a while to track down this bed. I first spotted it on Pinterest, on one of my many trawls through the wonderful world of kids’ rooms, and fell in love. But it’s by an Australian brand called Incy Interiors (side note, the Aussies seem to do kids’ interiors much better than us – and to a much larger degree – randomly!), and I couldn’t find a UK stockist. A bit more digging though, and I finally came across a couple of shops that supply them here.

As a kid, I had a great lumbering French oak antique bed, with a headboard and a footboard. It creaked. A lot. Every time I turned over in fact. My bedroom as a child was Laura Ashley’d up to its eyeballs, and I guess the bed fitted in with the theme. However it wasn’t anywhere near as fun as this beauty…

I know in the main image it’s in pink – SORRY, personal obsession creeping in AGAIN – but it does come in other colours. Although, bizarrely, it has a different name for each shade – the cream version below is called the Mia, available from Everything Begins.

I love the simple, timeless styling, and can imagine a child having endless fun wrapping fairy lights around those metal curves. I also think it’s the kind of bed that would last into teenage years. Not sure an adult would be adverse to sleeping in one either…

And the yellow one…. be still my beating heart.

If you like the look of it as much as I do, you can find the pink, yellow, rose gold and nickel versions online at Cottage Toys.

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