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When I was a kid, all I ever wanted was a play kitchen. I have no idea now why I didn’t get one (I was totally spoilt so I’m sure my parents weren’t being mean) but I didn’t (perhaps they knew how crap I’d be at cooking – you have to pay me to step foot in the kitchen these days), and I used to be so envious of my friends who had them.

I have to say, my love of all things miniature has continued, and I still absolutely adore looking at small versions of things that should be big (that sounds a bit wrong).

Anyway. Picking the three best play kitchens for this post has been an absolute joy.

I can’t wait to be able to get Daphne a play kitchen. At the moment, she’s just a little bit too young but the childminder has already said she’s shown an interest in the one at her house, so it’s only a matter of time…

There are so many play kitchens out there. Loads. At all different price points. So to narrow down to three was a bit tricky (am definitely considering changing this category to 5 of the best as I always seem to find more than three things each time). In order to show you three that are completely different, I’ve gone for the best budget buy, the coolest and the most expensive. Here we go then…

Let’s start with Ikea’s classic play kitchen. Cheap, cheerful, with adjustable legs so it can get taller as your child does, it even features a realistic ‘glowing’ hob which can be switched on and off. But worried it’s a bit dull? Allow me to introduce you to the world Ikea play kitchen hacks

There are hundreds of them on Pinterest, and you can even buy special packs like this one from Etsy to help you create something a little more special. Failsafe.

Next up, something a little more sophisticated in design. The play kitchen by Danish brand Sebra is made from plywood (what else!), has pleasing turnable dials for the hob, a removable sink for easy cleaning and comes in a few different finishes. I love the curved sides and the splayed legs, and the fact that it’s relatively neat and compact too.

My personal favourite is the lovely dusky rose version above. Available from Minideco and Coolshop.

Last but not least – any millionaires out there? Because this magnificent work of art will set you back a bit. But it’s worth it. The bespoke handmade designs from the Play Kitchen Co are made from solid pine, with solid oak worktops, real ceramic Belfast sinks, brass taps, and even a laser-engraved granite hob. They can also be personalised. They’re little works of art, and best of all they were designed to help children with ADHD and autism, who find electronic toys over-stimulating (the dad behind the brand had faced this challenge with his own son). I think they’re beautiful and timeless, and if we can’t afford them at home, then every nursery and primary school should have one!

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