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Another Etsy discovery for you today. Laura, the lady behind Nursery Creatives got in touch directly to share her designs and they are so adorable I couldn’t resist. I know, I’m a bit obsessed with nursery artwork… I just find there are so many lovely things out there and I can’t stop myself from featuring them. I also really love finding things that have been handmade by mothers.

It’s not obvious to see at first, but after a few minutes you realise what these delicate pictures are created with. Yep, that’s it. Made from intricately laid-out stickers, the designs range from beautiful butterflies to friendly elephants, and are just perfect for gifts.

There’s something about stickers that just gets me excited – like most children, I was quite obsessed with them. Especially the raised ones, or glittery ones… and oh, don’t get me started on scratch and sniff! There was nothing more exciting than a scratch and sniff – the poor things were scratched and sniffed to death, and traded in the playground as though they were tiny slivers of gold! Ahh the simple pleasures of a childhood before iPads and computer games!

Ahem. See more of Laura’s designs on the Nursery Creatives Etsy page.

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