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This post is well overdue. The inspiration behind this blog was my daughter’s wonderful cot from Mokee. I only found out about the brand after looking on Instagram and seeing it in someone’s nursery, and I couldn’t believe what amazing value it was for a simple yet stylish piece of furniture. If you’re not familiar, here’s a bit more about it…

Its restrained design is not going to be for everyone – I know there are plenty of people who prefer something a bit sturdier, with more ornamentation. But it’s just right for those who love a bit of Scandi simplicity, as well as those struggling to fit a full-size cot into their nursery. It’s compact but not small, and Daphne is very at home in it.

You can also convert it into a cot bed, and it comes in lots of very tasteful shades – although we went for the white and beech version above. The cot is also eco-friendly and made from sustainable wood, and there are a range of accessories available to go with it (I so wish I’d bought their top-cot changer when Daph was younger). But the cot is not the only thing this wondrous brand offers…

I am also slightly in love with their Wool Nest and think if there were ever to be another baby on the horizon (jury’s very much out on that for now) it’d definitely be on my wishlist. The design is stunning and I love the punchy different coloured handles. And of course, I’ve already talked about Mokee’s fab Tipiz, and Daph herself is the proud owner of one, currently the cosy home of her many teddies and Baby Annabel.

Mokee have also recently launched a standalone changing table, which is just as compact as the cot. They do a variety of textiles too, from baby sleeping bags to cot bumpers and blankets, and even an adorably simple cot mobile.

The short version of this post is, if you’re expecting a baby and are on a bit of a budget, you owe yourself a trip to the Mokee website. I’m very excited to see what they come up with next.

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    April 23, 2017 at 7:52 am

    We got the Wool Nest! Love it so much, it was one of the pieces that I couldn’t do without after I first saw it. The baby is now 5 months old and very long, but *still* just fits so snuggles up in there every night still. It was perfect for a winter baby as so cosy and comforting. When he finally grows out of it I’m planning on using the nest as a toy box as I still love the look of it and don’t mind seeing it knocking around the house a bit longer!

    • Charlotte Duckworth
      Charlotte Duckworth
      April 23, 2017 at 9:31 am

      Oh my, what a great idea! It’s so beautiful and I’m really cross that I didn’t get one!! Mokee stuff is just such great value for money too.

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