Lil’Gaea from Nubie

Goodness knows how you pronounce it, but Lil’Gaea is my newest kids’ interiors discovery, brought to you by the very lovely and inspirational kids’ store Nubie. I’m really quite in love with this Turkish brand already, not least because they have macaron-shaped stools on offer! (Note to my sister, who’s obsessed with macarons, you need one of these in your life!)

Lil’Gaea’s ethos is ‘to create functional, imaginative and ethical furniture for children, which also demonstrates an ongoing respect for the environment’. The collection of beds, cradles and storage pieces are all handmade but best of all, have a wonderfully whimsical feel, set off by the mostly pastel colour schemes. ‘Cute and cheerful’, as their press release described them – I’ve tried to better this description and failed, so I’m nicking it.

Oval Slatted Crib

Casa Single Bed

The thing I like best about the collection is that it’s not matchy-matchy, and you could pick just one piece – such as the oval slatted crib – and make a real statement with it. Several of the pieces have clever twists too – such as the four-poster bed, which has an optional bunk conversion kit. But it’s designed to be space-saving too. Neat.

Pyramid Drawer Set

I love the Pyramid stacking drawer set – each ‘drawer’ is sold separately, so you can create your own combination of colours and height. Another piece which can stand alone, and would last children until they left home.

Macaron Seats

But my absolute favourite are these amazing macaron seats. There are seven different colours available, such as Powder Blue, Soft Lilac and Mint, and the seats have been designed so that little ones can pick them up and carry them about easily. But as well as that, they are quite simply ADORABLE, right?

Lil’Gaea is another parent-led brand brought to life after the birth of award-winning designers Pinar Yar and Yugrul Govsa’s own child. You can find the range on Nubie here.

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