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Let’s go to my room: Lola, 5

Another stunning child’s room to share with you today! I fell in love with this design as soon as I saw it – it’s timeless, with the most beautifully calming colour palette. Lola’s room is the work of specialist children’s interior designer Ursula Wesselingh from Room to Bloom. Ursula’s website is well worth a browse, as is her fantastic blog – she really knows her stuff and has lots of tips and ideas for those doing up a child’s room. She even runs workshops for those wanting help designing their dream nursery.

But onto the tour! Ursula talks us through the design…

Who lives here? This is Lola’s bedroom.

Where is the property? North London.

What was the room like before? It was an unfurnished room in a rental property – the homeowners called in my help before they moved in. The room was a drab mix of green walls, red curtains and the brown-grey carpet you can still see in the room – they absolutely hated it and needed help with a vision for the room. Their daughter had outgrown her nursery furniture, so they took the opportunity to give Lola a pretty “big-girl room,” to help her transition to a new house and new school.

Did Lola have any input into the design – if so, what? Lola’s mum was very keen for me to create a room in my signature style, and at key stages we checked with Lola that she liked what I proposed. Luckily, she loved everything.

What was your starting point for the design? As always, my client’s brief. In addition, I wanted to incorporate the beautiful period fireplace in the design and make it a focal point.

What was the most challenging aspect of the design? Working with the existing carpet – no-one was a fan of it but it had to stay. As flooring takes up a large part of the room’s surfaces, it’s hard to ignore and puts a big stamp on the feel of a room. By painting the walls in a similar tone, it became less visible and gave the room a neutral, restful feeling – offering other elements room to shine.

Did you encounter any difficulties during the installation process? As always there were small challenges, though nothing that I hadn’t dealt with before :-). Luckily I work with a team of very resourceful tradespeople who always help me figure out the best solution.

What is your favourite part of the design? The feature wall with floating shelving and the fireplace has become a great focal point – it’s a little unusual and really makes the room.

Tell us a little bit about your choice of wallpaper. The homeowners loved it as much as I did. I deliberately picked a design from a non-kids range to lend the room more longevity and give it a romantic feel. I knew it had to be floral but finding the right colours was a bit of a challenge – I wanted it to fit seamlessly with the walls and floor.

Are there any special features that you’d like to mention? The fireplace was such an unusual pretty piece and a logical point of focus – I’d always advise homeowners to look for the most natural focal point and work with that if it fits the brief. Another feature is the four-poster bed – I used it deliberately to work with the scale of the room, but also to create a “room in a room,” to give Lola a snug corner to retreat to, as she was still so little and the room relatively large. To save space for a desk/play table I found an oversize wardrobe that stores all Lola’s clothes, doing away with the need for an extra chest of drawers. It maximises floor space for play.

Any design elements you are particularly proud of? I am really happy with how the whole room has turned out, but the feature wall is my favourite part. And of course, I was elated with the reactions from Lola, her parents and friends visiting their house – everyone just loves it, which makes me super happy.


Bed – Chic Shack

Wallpaper – Nina Campbell

Lighting – wall light Original BTC, clip light Nordlux, chandelier Amazon

Desk – La Redoute

House-shaped shelf – Cox & Cox

Wardrobe – eBay

Teepee – Moozle

Curtain fabric – Pret A Vivre

Visit the Room to Bloom website, and follow Ursula on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook>

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