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Design Letters for kids

Hello! We’re back! Apologies for the extended break – in the week after our holiday I had that usual joy of a million things to catch up on, but I’m very excited to be back sharing my latest and greatest finds with you. And on that note, thank you to everyone who’s sent in press releases and info – if I haven’t got back to you yet it doesn’t mean I’m not interested, just that I’m trying to decide what to feature and when. Thanks very much and please do keep them coming!

And so, on to today’s post. Another one that was inspired by personal experience. Am I the only one who comes back from holiday and sees my home with fresh eyes? And this time, I came home and hated everything about my home with fresh eyes (not sure that that makes sense…). I went a bit crazy having a good clear out and reorganising – a very late spring clean really. And I decided that I wanted to update all our kitchen accessories as they don’t suit our kitchen at all – we brought them from our old place and plonked them down, but they’re far too vintage for our current kitchen.

First port of call on my online shopping search was Design Letters – I already have a few bits from there, and so I had a good nose round their website and re-discovered the amazing designs for children.

You’re probably already familiar with the Design Letters range – featuring Scandi-perfection typography by Arne Jacobsen, designed in 1937. The range is huge – from tea towels to ceramic storage jars to stationery and bedlinen. But the children’s designs are especially cool, I think. I love the fact that they’re educational in a very relaxed way – what better way to absorb the letters of the alphabet than by osmosis? And also they’re gender-neutral and hugely practical, especially the tableware, which is melamine.

So, to ease us back in, here are a few of my top picks from the range, if you love a bit of Scandi monochrome simplicity as much as I do…

I’ve said before that I think trays are absolutely brilliant for toddlers – and compartmentalised ones are even better for when you’re weaning and they’re mostly eating finger food. I think both of these designs are fab, and they’ll last too. Once your little ones have grown up, they’ll be perfect for picnics and snacks.

Undoubtedly the most stylish melamine cutlery you will ever find…

… followed by undoubtedly the most stylish beaker.

Last but not least, this beautiful bib comes in three shades but I’m stuck on this mint green. So stylish.

What do you think? Are you a fan? All items available from the Design Letters online shop, as well as lots of UK stockists.

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