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GTYR Loves

Rockers from Newmakers

Every child’s room needs a statement piece. Apologies btw, for the use of that dreadful interiors cliche, but it is true. Something fun, something striking, something that adds a little bit of character… Preferably colourful, preferably handmade, something to pass down through the generations.

These fab rockers from British designer-maker Newmakers tick all the above boxes. Available in several different designs – you can choose from a zebra, tiger or panda and although the panda is definitely my favourite, Daphne’s vote went to the tiger (it looks most like a cat you see, and her unending obsession with them doesn’t seem to be dying off any time soon…).

I’m probably biased as they’re made down in Devon, my absolute favourite part of the world, so anything that hails from there automatically gets my attention. But still, I do love these bright and cheerful pieces and think they would make fantastic first birthday gifts.

As well as the rockers, the company makes animal-inspired rollers, furniture, including a nifty chalkboard table and stool set, and some pieces for the grown ups too. Happily, all products are made from wood sourced from sustainable EU forests that meet with environmental regulations, and they come flat-packed, saving on shipping costs. They’re also pretty affordable – another big tick! Find out more about them at the Newmakers website.

GTYR Loves

Pretty & Mighetto’s bed panels

I have another blogger friend to thank for today’s post (thank you Stacey from The Design Sheppard!) as she gave me the heads up on these absolutely beautiful bed panels.

On that note, I am ALWAYS keen to hear from people with amazing/unusual/innovative/shiny new kids’ designs, so please get in touch with me via the contact page to share… I can’t wait to hear from you!

But back to today’s post. I’ve only been blogging for about six weeks but already I seem to have developed a little theme revolving around hacking Ikea products to create something special (see my 3 of the best play kitchens and 3 of the best armchairs posts for more!). So this post seems really fitting. Pretty Pegs, if you don’t know them, specialise in creating replacement legs for Ikea furniture, so that you can customise your cheap but cheerful pieces to give them a more luxurious look. Anyway, they’ve now collaborated with uber cool Swedish design brand Mrs Mighetto, to create these amazing bed panels, designed to fit securely to Ikea’s box spring mattress.

Mrs Mighetto, if you’re not familiar, is a Swedish illustrator who specialises in whimsical and magical watercolour paintings, full of fantasy and mystery. The cloud-shaped panels also help prevent little ones from tumbling out of bed. They come with screws and mounting plates and are easy to attach. And of course, you can also change the bed’s legs to a pair from Pretty Pegs to create a really wonderful design of your own, for a fraction of the cost of a bespoke bed.

Find out more about the magical world of Mrs Mighetto here, and check out the bed panels from Pretty Pegs here. Although both companies are based in Europe, Pretty Pegs ship to the UK, and you can buy Mrs Mighetto prints from Diddle Tinkers.

Furniture GTYR Loves

Polly bed by Incy Interiors

It’s taken me a while to track down this bed. I first spotted it on Pinterest, on one of my many trawls through the wonderful world of kids’ rooms, and fell in love. But it’s by an Australian brand called Incy Interiors (side note, the Aussies seem to do kids’ interiors much better than us – and to a much larger degree – randomly!), and I couldn’t find a UK stockist. A bit more digging though, and I finally came across a couple of shops that supply them here.

As a kid, I had a great lumbering French oak antique bed, with a headboard and a footboard. It creaked. A lot. Every time I turned over in fact. My bedroom as a child was Laura Ashley’d up to its eyeballs, and I guess the bed fitted in with the theme. However it wasn’t anywhere near as fun as this beauty…

I know in the main image it’s in pink – SORRY, personal obsession creeping in AGAIN – but it does come in other colours. Although, bizarrely, it has a different name for each shade – the cream version below is called the Mia, available from Everything Begins.

I love the simple, timeless styling, and can imagine a child having endless fun wrapping fairy lights around those metal curves. I also think it’s the kind of bed that would last into teenage years. Not sure an adult would be adverse to sleeping in one either…

And the yellow one…. be still my beating heart.

If you like the look of it as much as I do, you can find the pink, yellow, rose gold and nickel versions online at Cottage Toys.

Decor GTYR Loves

Portraits wallpaper by Hibou Home

I have this problem with wallpaper. I love it. I love all of it (mostly). But I find it really hard to live with patterns for a long time. When we moved into this house, there were feature walls galore in all the bedrooms, which we covered up with less floraly, more seventies wallpaper, as befits the style of the house. And I do love it. But I already want to change it. I think I just can’t stay committed to one design.

In Daph’s room, we have a very cool design by Mini Moderns (one day, when I get my good camera out, I’ll take some pics and do a room tour of Daph’s room for you all!). But when I was looking for wallpaper for her room, I did really fall in love with this whimsical design by Hibou Home.

Inspired by traditional ancestral family portraits, the design features delightful portraits of animal characters framed in olive leaf wreaths. They even have names. Yes, really. Of course they have names! My particular favourite is the hare, named Great Uncle Algernon (what else could he be called?!). However, I’m fairly sure that Daphne would love Aunt Maude, the cat with the pillbox hat, best.

The design is finished off with subtle gold accents, to add a bit of shimmer, and it’s very firmly gender-neutral too, which pleases me. There are also matching cushions in the range to complete the look. Gorgeous. Available from Hibou Home.

Accessories GTYR Loves

Mo turtle playhouse by Hulki

Here’s something I’ve learnt over the last few months: almost as popular as plywood in the kids’ furniture department is, believe it or not, heavy-duty cardboard. It makes sense, if you think about it – it’s eco-friendly, fully recyclable, sturdy and little ones can have free rein to draw all over it without fear of reprisals.

My friend and all round super-stylist-mum Poppy Norton sent me the details for Hulki’s amazing animal-themed playhouses, made from this wonder material, and I just had to feature them. On that note, I am loving all the bits and bobs I am being sent since launching this blog – please keep them coming people!

Suitable for kids aged from 3 to 7, the Hulki playhouses cross the border into toys-ville, but I’ve decided I don’t care anymore. There are too many amazing toys out there not to share them from time to time on the blog too (on that note, I’ve got the most beautiful play kitchen coming up – stay tuned!).

But back to the Hulki playhouses. My favourite is definitely this cool turtle with its cute cut-out windows – the geometric design of the cardboard inside is actually something rather beautiful.

There’s also a whale design (named Anton, because, of course a whale would be called Anton). Made in the Netherlands, and both available from Toyella. A fab alternative to a wendy house or teepee.