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Co-ko Rocking Chair from Olli Ella

Never mind cots, I’m fairly sure the most important piece of furniture in a nursery is a decent; comfortable chair. And by that, I mean a chair for the grown ups, not for the baby. Because inevitably in the first year or two of your child’s life, you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting down with them, either feeding or reading to them or just plain old cuddling them. And it’s good to be comfortable (especially if you’ve given birth to said baby, and your body’s a tad sore from the experience).

I bought a breastfeeding chair before Daph was even born, when my pregnant back (does that make sense? I’m going with it…) hurt so much I couldn’t sit on my squishy sofa any longer. It was great, but it was cheap and pretty nasty looking, and when Daph was born and Oli hurt his back, he nicked it. Which meant he ended up sitting in it way more than I did. After a while, it started to drive me nuts: seeing a man sitting on this fugly breastfeeding chair in our living room! Eventually, we sold it on eBay and bought him a proper chair instead…

Looking back now, I wish I had invested in this beautiful rocker from Olli Ella when Daphne was younger. We wouldn’t have had the space for it in our old flat, but it’d be perfect in her bedroom here. However, she’s now too wriggly for long leisurely time sitting on mummy’s lap, so we’ve missed the boat a bit.

But for those of you who are expecting/doing up a nursery/have lovely compliant toddlers – look no further. What’s most striking about this gorgeous thing is that it doesn’t look like a breastfeeding chair – but it has all the features you’d expect: proper lumbar support, a lovely rocking mechanism and it’s stain and water-resistant. It comes in 18 different colour configurations so you can find one to suit your nursery decor. Oh and if that doesn’t totally convince you, it’s also handmade in the UK. Available from Olli Ella. Don’t be a fool like I was – invest! Your baby, back and bottom will thank you.