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Nidi Design

Something for bigger kids today! Nidi Design by Battistella is an ultra-cool Italian brand that specialises in creating modular and customisable furniture for children. And the designs are beautiful.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I was a teenager, my bedroom was 100% Ikea. Apart from my bed, which may have been Argos. Anyway, if I recall correctly there was a LOT of beech chipboard and silver tubular metal (along with my petrol-blue walls and hot-pink stencilled border, but the less said about that the better…). The furniture wasn’t much to write home about. If I could have had even one thing from Nidi Design, I would have been over the moon and the envy of all my mates, I’m sure.

So back to their offering – it is huge. So much so that I’ve just featured a few of my favourites in this post. But you get the idea – modular furniture, plenty of different colour and finish options (more than 15 in fact) and lots of clever storage, which is always a massive bonus, especially when children become teenagers.

The main thing to note is that kids can mix up the pieces to create a bedroom or play space that is completely unique to them – using bold pops of colour combined with more natural wood finishes. There’s also a bespoke service available, so if you’re contending with an awkward-shaped room, you can have furniture custom-made to fit perfectly and make the most of the space available.

Where the brand really stands out from the crowd is with its desks. They’re all gorgeous, and feature clever little additions such as mirrors hidden under the lids, converting them instantly into a dressing table. The wardrobes are also striking – proper statement pieces that could completely lift a room’s design.

As with most Italian design, it’s not cheap. Having said that, I’d expect the resale values on these pieces to stay strong, especially if they’re taken care of. If you’re interested, you can see a huge range of Nidi Design pieces at Nubie.

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Nursery Creatives

Another Etsy discovery for you today. Laura, the lady behind Nursery Creatives got in touch directly to share her designs and they are so adorable I couldn’t resist. I know, I’m a bit obsessed with nursery artwork… I just find there are so many lovely things out there and I can’t stop myself from featuring them. I also really love finding things that have been handmade by mothers.

It’s not obvious to see at first, but after a few minutes you realise what these delicate pictures are created with. Yep, that’s it. Made from intricately laid-out stickers, the designs range from beautiful butterflies to friendly elephants, and are just perfect for gifts.

There’s something about stickers that just gets me excited – like most children, I was quite obsessed with them. Especially the raised ones, or glittery ones… and oh, don’t get me started on scratch and sniff! There was nothing more exciting than a scratch and sniff – the poor things were scratched and sniffed to death, and traded in the playground as though they were tiny slivers of gold! Ahh the simple pleasures of a childhood before iPads and computer games!

Ahem. See more of Laura’s designs on the Nursery Creatives Etsy page.

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Design Letters for kids

Hello! We’re back! Apologies for the extended break – in the week after our holiday I had that usual joy of a million things to catch up on, but I’m very excited to be back sharing my latest and greatest finds with you. And on that note, thank you to everyone who’s sent in press releases and info – if I haven’t got back to you yet it doesn’t mean I’m not interested, just that I’m trying to decide what to feature and when. Thanks very much and please do keep them coming!

And so, on to today’s post. Another one that was inspired by personal experience. Am I the only one who comes back from holiday and sees my home with fresh eyes? And this time, I came home and hated everything about my home with fresh eyes (not sure that that makes sense…). I went a bit crazy having a good clear out and reorganising – a very late spring clean really. And I decided that I wanted to update all our kitchen accessories as they don’t suit our kitchen at all – we brought them from our old place and plonked them down, but they’re far too vintage for our current kitchen.

First port of call on my online shopping search was Design Letters – I already have a few bits from there, and so I had a good nose round their website and re-discovered the amazing designs for children.

You’re probably already familiar with the Design Letters range – featuring Scandi-perfection typography by Arne Jacobsen, designed in 1937. The range is huge – from tea towels to ceramic storage jars to stationery and bedlinen. But the children’s designs are especially cool, I think. I love the fact that they’re educational in a very relaxed way – what better way to absorb the letters of the alphabet than by osmosis? And also they’re gender-neutral and hugely practical, especially the tableware, which is melamine.

So, to ease us back in, here are a few of my top picks from the range, if you love a bit of Scandi monochrome simplicity as much as I do…

I’ve said before that I think trays are absolutely brilliant for toddlers – and compartmentalised ones are even better for when you’re weaning and they’re mostly eating finger food. I think both of these designs are fab, and they’ll last too. Once your little ones have grown up, they’ll be perfect for picnics and snacks.

Undoubtedly the most stylish melamine cutlery you will ever find…

… followed by undoubtedly the most stylish beaker.

Last but not least, this beautiful bib comes in three shades but I’m stuck on this mint green. So stylish.

What do you think? Are you a fan? All items available from the Design Letters online shop, as well as lots of UK stockists.

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Nordic Kids Range from Nordic House

I’m very excited about today’s post, as it’s something I’ve known about for a while now but not been able to share until today. I’m sure many of you are familiar with Nordic House, an amazing family-run company based down in Cornwall, specialising in bringing unique Scandi products to the UK. I’ve long been fans of their ‘grown up’ pieces and knew that when they decided to launch into the kids’ market too, they’d get it right. And indeed they have!

The best thing about Nordic House is how timeless all their products are – most of them make perfect gifts too and they are very reasonably priced. My home is filled with their gorgeous lanterns, and their tableware is particularly lovely – I have a decanter that I use every day, and it makes remembering to drink my eight cups of water much more pleasurable!

The first children’s collection includes bedlinen, rugs, ceramics, toys and furniture, all with that very simple, pared-back Scandi style that the brand is known for. It’s the kind of thing that there simply isn’t enough of out there – affordable kids’ design for those who want something stylish, calming and restful in their children’s rooms.

Let’s have a look at what’s on offer…

ABC Kids Poster

Star Coat Rack

Storage Box Set

Star Clothes Rack with Shelf

Ceramic Wall Balloons

Star Height Chart

Star Toy Chest

Large Rocking Mammoth and Pull Along Mammoth


My favourite pieces from the collection are undoubtedly the rocking woolly mammoth and the gorgeous rug in the first picture and above, but I also love the simplicity of all the star-shaped pieces, especially the star height chart, which comes with picture frames built in so you can add photos as they grow. Oh, and how can I forget the ceramic balloons? I’m fairly sure that you don’t need to be a child to want one of these in your room.

The full range is available to buy now, from the Nordic House site, with more pieces to come.

GTYR Loves

Reach baby gym

Quite possibly the loveliest baby gym you ever did see for you today folks. It’s another one of those ‘wish I’d known about it when Daph was tiny’ products. So many things about this appeal to me – especially the stars…

Yes, when Daphne was little we had one of those horrible Baby Einstein play gyms, all garish colours and tinny classical music. We bought it on a whim because it was half price in Early Learning Centre, not entirely sure we even needed it, but it turns out that baby gyms are amazing at distracting your baby while you sneak in some time to have a wee, and it was one of our most-used products… even though it was ugly!

Made from ash hardwood and braided hemp cord, the baby gym from Oskoe is in another league entirely. I love its simplicity – and you’ll love the fact that it’s easy to assemble, and easy to put away, with no tools required (or batteries!). It’s the kind of piece that you could definitely keep for future offspring or donate to relatives, or even store safely for the next generation to use.

You can buy matching star and moon accessories made from the same beautiful hardwood – and the star shapes have been designed to hang down from the middle so that your baby gets to see the whole silhouette. But it’s also compatible with most hanging toys, so if you feel the need to add some of that garish plastic then you can, easily.

The designers chose British-grown ash thanks to its strength and durability, and the fact that large numbers of ash trees have been felled recently thanks to dieback disease. But its lovely warm colouring and beautiful grain patterning makes it a win-win decision.

You can buy the Reach baby gym online at Oskoe, and it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on this stylish brand and their ‘calmingly minimal clean-lined products that are lovely to live with’. Sounds good to me.