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Sarah & Bendrix Kids

I’ve only been launched a week and I’m already breaking all the rules (must only blog about design and interiors, must NOT get distracted by amazing toys/clothes/other stuff). But I had to make an exception for the wonderful Sarah & Bendrix Kids. Not just because their name comes from one of my favourite books, The End of the Affair by Graham Greene, which has absolutely nothing to do with children, but that’s beside the point. No, because everything this amazing little shop sells is covet-worthy.

(Also, they have a Home Accessories section, so technically they just about fall under my remit.)

I actually found the brand through another amazing website that a friend of mine set up – – do check them out if you’re interested in sustainable design (as we all should be!). They celebrate and promote products that come with a lifetime guarantee – an incredibly eye-opening mission.

Sarah & Bendrix Kids started out – as so many fantastic companies do – thanks to a new mother’s creativity. Veronika, who founded the brand, handmade gifts for friends and family that proved so popular she was encouraged to start a shop.

Most of the products are made in the Czech Republic, and the brand now stocks pieces from other independent designers as well as their own. If you’ve got a friend who’s expecting a new baby and you want to treat them to something truly original, you will be spoilt for choice here, I promise.

So, onto the good stuff, and my top picks… check out the site now, and let me know yours!

The cutest little deer print!

Believe it or not, this doll’s house is made of card, and comes ready to be assembled, making an amazing little family DIY project (plus you can draw all over it!).

I’m fairly sure these wooden swan toys are made for grown ups not children… too lovely.

Gah. So beautiful! Delicate watercolours of our favourite forest friends.

Last but not least… Daphne’s a huge fan of puzzles, and this simple wooden leaf design is like none I’ve seen before. Perfection.

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Buddy and Bear

It was my birthday recently and I spent a lovely two days in London, much of which was spent perusing Liberty (most specifically their jewellery department, but I am proud to say my willpower held out and I bought precisely nothing – gold star to me!).

During my visit I spent about 300 hours in the Liberty baby/child department – oh my god they have some beautiful things. The main thing I couldn’t bear to walk away from however, was this adorable tray and matching beaker, from family-owned Buddy and Bear.

(True story: Oli and I spent a good three minutes rummaging through the beakers trying to find one that ‘matched’ the tray and had the same smiley face with open eyes, before realising that they had smiley faces with open eyes on one side of the beaker and smiley faces with shut eyes on the other – duh.)

The tray is such a good idea for feeding a baby of Daphne’s age – we lay out her finger food bits on it and she happily helps herself. The predominately white background means it doesn’t detract from the food and there’s plenty of space so nothing has to touch (she’s a bit OCD about this). And of course it’s made of tough toddler-proof plastic, making it easy to keep clean and difficult to break no matter how many times she chucks it on the floor *sighs*.

There are plenty of other bits and bobs on the Buddy and Bear website, and I love them all – children’s tableware is a very unimaginative field and it’s great to see some simple, pleasing designs out there. They also have a range of prints which I love – a shop to keep your eye on for sure!

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The Modern Nursery

The Modern Nursery was one of the very first brands I came across when Daphne was a newborn. I fell immediately in love with the branding, the story behind it and the products on offer. Just perfect for style-conscious parents who don’t want their babies’ nurseries to look like something out of a high street showroom window.

And it seems it wasn’t just me that engaged with The Modern Nursery’s philosophy, as the brand has exploded on social media and beyond, winning awards and recognition at lightning speed.

The mum behind the shop, Laura, is suitably glamorous and experienced in the worlds of fashion and commerce, and has used her discerning eye to pick the best of the best when it comes to independent kids’ brands. There’s pretty much nothing on sale that I wouldn’t like to have in Daphne’s room. Here are some of my favourite pieces:

This adorable little pram makes me SO desperate to be four again so I can push it around without getting back ache. I just love it. Daph hasn’t shown a huge amount of interest in Baby Annabel just yet (she likes feeding her but then chucks her across the room in boredom) but as soon as she goes through the dolly phase (please god that she does!) this will be first on my wishlist. Love it.

Cute shelving is just mandatory for kids’ rooms. Hang this set of three adorable house-shaped shelves up in your child’s room, add a few chosen accessories and you’ve got instant style, without a hint of twee.

There are too many horrible plastic musical cot mobiles in the world. Fact. This beautiful hand-embroidered swan design is the antithesis of them, and best of all plays Summertime when you pull the cord. Genius!

Cotton ball lights may not be new but they’re still rightly popular. The Modern Nursery has several colour combinations available, but I love this pastel-hued string – wonderfully calming.

Last but not least, The Modern Nursery sell the biggest and best range of ball pits I have ever seen! No cheap pop-up pits here, these beauties are made from high quality jersey-covered foam in different colours to suit your interiors.

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First up, can I just say I LOVE the name Kidly? OK, thanks. Done.

And on to the shop itself, a visual feast for the eyes (both in a website design sense and with the products on offer). There are all manner of beauties to be discovered here, as well as an absolutely awesome blog that’s both funny and packed with tips for parents. I love a brand that knows how to do a proper company blog.

Set up by a frustrated parent who couldn’t find what he was looking for for his own sons, Kidly ticks all the boxes: quirky, independent designs, simple, easy navigation, great customer service and everything has been subjected to the parent (and kid) test – with mini reviews for each product displayed next to them (plus pictures of the products in use).

Here are some of my personal favourites (I’m just literally about to bully Oli into buying this desk for Daphne)…

Look at those beautiful tubular legs! Love love love.

And how can you resist this chair? Recycled and recyclable, it’s surprisingly strong and best of all, your little darlings can draw all over it and no one will mind. It’s also brilliant value, and when they’ve outgrown it, can be popped in with the recycling.

As all parents know, you can never have too many toy storage baskets… Kidly has a fair few on offer, ranging from animal motifs to this Scandi-inspired black and white cross design, which is right up my aesthetic street (hmmm).

If you have a cat and your child is anything like mine, they’ll spend the whole time loving tormenting the poor creature. This neat little knitted cushion makes a much better alternative for cuddling and squashing and blowing raspberries on.

I’ll admit to being a little obsessed with teepees… but this smart play gym is so much nicer than the standard plastic affairs… And rest assured, that wooden frame is made from child-friendly foam, so there’s no chance of your little one getting injured.

Kidly also design and sell a range of their own – including lots of clothing Best of all, the first time you order something from Kidly, you get 15% off. See you over there…