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This post is well overdue. The inspiration behind this blog was my daughter’s wonderful cot from Mokee. I only found out about the brand after looking on Instagram and seeing it in someone’s nursery, and I couldn’t believe what amazing value it was for a simple yet stylish piece of furniture. If you’re not familiar, here’s a bit more about it…

Its restrained design is not going to be for everyone – I know there are plenty of people who prefer something a bit sturdier, with more ornamentation. But it’s just right for those who love a bit of Scandi simplicity, as well as those struggling to fit a full-size cot into their nursery. It’s compact but not small, and Daphne is very at home in it.

You can also convert it into a cot bed, and it comes in lots of very tasteful shades – although we went for the white and beech version above. The cot is also eco-friendly and made from sustainable wood, and there are a range of accessories available to go with it (I so wish I’d bought their top-cot changer when Daph was younger). But the cot is not the only thing this wondrous brand offers…

I am also slightly in love with their Wool Nest and think if there were ever to be another baby on the horizon (jury’s very much out on that for now) it’d definitely be on my wishlist. The design is stunning and I love the punchy different coloured handles. And of course, I’ve already talked about Mokee’s fab Tipiz, and Daph herself is the proud owner of one, currently the cosy home of her many teddies and Baby Annabel.

Mokee have also recently launched a standalone changing table, which is just as compact as the cot. They do a variety of textiles too, from baby sleeping bags to cot bumpers and blankets, and even an adorably simple cot mobile.

The short version of this post is, if you’re expecting a baby and are on a bit of a budget, you owe yourself a trip to the Mokee website. I’m very excited to see what they come up with next.

Furniture GTYR Loves

Cambridge Table and Bench by Steuart Padwick

Fun and functional – the two adjectives I think pretty much every piece designed for children should deserve. And this new table and bench range by British designer Steuart Padwick certainly earns them both.

They have an intriguing background too. Last year, Steuart won a competition to design a table and chair set for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, and this new collection is based on those designs (and named the Cambridge Collection in their honour). Made of bent plywood (a personal fave!), the activity table features a pull-out drawer, and the finish has been kept pleasingly neutral, with simple white-painted accents, meaning it’ll fit right into your home.

What I love most about this design is the little curved bench, which can fit two children or one grown up. Kids’ table sets often come with stools, so the benches really caught my eye. The curved lines are particularly child-friendly too, which is so important when you have a toddler who’s prone to knocking into things (as I do!).

Interestingly, the Cambridge Collection will be sold through Land of Nod, part of US homewares giant, Crate & Barrel. There are lots of US brands these days selling direct to the UK, so it’s always worth checking them out.

Oh and if you want to see the design that the Prince and Princess have in their nursery, here’s a pic below. Sadly not available to buy, but isn’t it gorgeous?!

Find the Cambridge Collection here, and more about Steuart Padwick here>

Furniture GTYR Loves

New Children’s Range at

What is it about small versions of big things being so much more pleasing? I don’t know, but when this new children’s sofa, armchair and footstool collection from arrived in my Inbox I was in love. It’s adorable. Everything from the midcentury styling to the bright, fresh fabrics. And the buttoning! Got to love some buttoning.

I would be buying this collection straight away if we had room – but we need to get our house extension sorted first. However, it’s certainly got me wondering if we could squeeze the armchair into our living room… watch this space!

The start of a planned wider collection for children, the first pieces in the range include Alfie, an armchair and two-seater sofa, as well as Elsie, a miniature footstool. The company have adhered to all the relevant children’s safety standards while creating something just as comfortable and stylish as their designs for adults. Tapered legs and sharp angles have been rounded and softened to create a more child-friendly shape.


Best of all, the choice of upholstery is absolutely lovely. The Citrus and Candyfloss colourways are available as a brushed linen cotton or as two simple patterns – ‘Huckleberry Stripe’ and ‘Noughts and Crosses’. Award-winning designer, Sian Zeng (whose wallpapers I have been in love with for ages), has also designed two whimsical printed fabrics exclusive to – ‘Woodlands’ and ‘Dinosaurs’ – to spark imagination and bring a playful element to the collection.

Prices are reasonable too. Check out the whole collection on the website.


3 Of The Best Furniture

Novelty Beds

I’m going to be honest here, before I had a child I was not a fan of anything themed. I was also one of those naive mothers who swore I’d never fill my house with plastic toys either. I thought my daughter’s bedroom would be a monochrome Scandi wonder, with nothing bright or garish to be seen. HA. How times change.

Now, I look at these beds and think they are literally works of art – the sort of thing that only a genius could come up with. As we all learn, playing to children’s imagination is one of the most important things about being a parent. Daphne’s only 18 months old and still her favourite thing in the whole world is pouring me a ‘cup of tea’ from her pink plastic teapot. The look on her little face as she presents me with the cup is magical.

Daph’s still a bit young for a real bed, but it doesn’t mean I haven’t really enjoyed putting this post together. There are some really wonderful themed beds out there – it’s been hard to narrow this down to just three, but here are my favourites..

I have to confess I wasn’t even aware that Carpetright did children’s beds, but look at this! There’s something very pleasing about the bright red in this otherwise neutral room – it almost makes the whole thing very tasteful. It’s also a bunk bed, making it extra useful for sleepovers, or siblings who have to share a room. Really good value (currently reduced to £399.20) too.

Continuing on the transport theme, because it is true that children (whatever their gender) are quite obsessed with all methods of transport… I’m not sure if the aviation themed bedlinen might be taking it a little far, but I love the details on this bed – especially the propeller. It’s from Very, who have lots more themed beds, if it’s not quite what you’re looking for.

This bed is expensive, but I had to include it because I think I might have died of joy as a child if my parents had bought me one. And perhaps you have some enterprising DIYers in your families that could knock something similar up (that’s a terrible idea, and I’m joking… safety first and all that). But let us all stand in wonder for a while and appreciate the design of this Lifetime bed from Cuckooland, complete with little cottage-style window at the top, and play area underneath. Loving the whitewashed beachy feel too!

Looking for a specific themed bed? Leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can hunt down for you… 

Furniture GTYR Loves

Co-ko Rocking Chair from Olli Ella

Never mind cots, I’m fairly sure the most important piece of furniture in a nursery is a decent; comfortable chair. And by that, I mean a chair for the grown ups, not for the baby. Because inevitably in the first year or two of your child’s life, you’ll be spending a lot of time sitting down with them, either feeding or reading to them or just plain old cuddling them. And it’s good to be comfortable (especially if you’ve given birth to said baby, and your body’s a tad sore from the experience).

I bought a breastfeeding chair before Daph was even born, when my pregnant back (does that make sense? I’m going with it…) hurt so much I couldn’t sit on my squishy sofa any longer. It was great, but it was cheap and pretty nasty looking, and when Daph was born and Oli hurt his back, he nicked it. Which meant he ended up sitting in it way more than I did. After a while, it started to drive me nuts: seeing a man sitting on this fugly breastfeeding chair in our living room! Eventually, we sold it on eBay and bought him a proper chair instead…

Looking back now, I wish I had invested in this beautiful rocker from Olli Ella when Daphne was younger. We wouldn’t have had the space for it in our old flat, but it’d be perfect in her bedroom here. However, she’s now too wriggly for long leisurely time sitting on mummy’s lap, so we’ve missed the boat a bit.

But for those of you who are expecting/doing up a nursery/have lovely compliant toddlers – look no further. What’s most striking about this gorgeous thing is that it doesn’t look like a breastfeeding chair – but it has all the features you’d expect: proper lumbar support, a lovely rocking mechanism and it’s stain and water-resistant. It comes in 18 different colour configurations so you can find one to suit your nursery decor. Oh and if that doesn’t totally convince you, it’s also handmade in the UK. Available from Olli Ella. Don’t be a fool like I was – invest! Your baby, back and bottom will thank you.