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Nidi Design

Something for bigger kids today! Nidi Design by Battistella is an ultra-cool Italian brand that specialises in creating modular and customisable furniture for children. And the designs are beautiful.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I was a teenager, my bedroom was 100% Ikea. Apart from my bed, which may have been Argos. Anyway, if I recall correctly there was a LOT of beech chipboard and silver tubular metal (along with my petrol-blue walls and hot-pink stencilled border, but the less said about that the better…). The furniture wasn’t much to write home about. If I could have had even one thing from Nidi Design, I would have been over the moon and the envy of all my mates, I’m sure.

So back to their offering – it is huge. So much so that I’ve just featured a few of my favourites in this post. But you get the idea – modular furniture, plenty of different colour and finish options (more than 15 in fact) and lots of clever storage, which is always a massive bonus, especially when children become teenagers.

The main thing to note is that kids can mix up the pieces to create a bedroom or play space that is completely unique to them – using bold pops of colour combined with more natural wood finishes. There’s also a bespoke service available, so if you’re contending with an awkward-shaped room, you can have furniture custom-made to fit perfectly and make the most of the space available.

Where the brand really stands out from the crowd is with its desks. They’re all gorgeous, and feature clever little additions such as mirrors hidden under the lids, converting them instantly into a dressing table. The wardrobes are also striking – proper statement pieces that could completely lift a room’s design.

As with most Italian design, it’s not cheap. Having said that, I’d expect the resale values on these pieces to stay strong, especially if they’re taken care of. If you’re interested, you can see a huge range of Nidi Design pieces at Nubie.


Childhome furniture from Cuckooland

Another new European brand to introduce to you today – this time from Belgium. Childhome is the latest company to be added to Cuckooland‘s roster, and their designs are both stylish and incredibly affordable. Yay!

The range on offer is based around the ever popular teepee – with beds, clothes rails and even a wall shelf all echoing the shape of a teepee. I love the clean lines (of course) and simple styling – perfect for making a statement without being too loud. Let’s take a closer look at the pieces…

First up is the main event – the Tipi Bed. Available in two sizes, its low height makes it ultra-safe, and it’s just perfect for transitioning a toddler to a big bed (no chance of anyone falling out and bumping their heads). The frame makes it almost den-like too – irresistible.

But best of all are the decoration possibilities! A gorgeous neutral frame just waiting to be adorned with lights or garlands.

Next up and complementing the bed perfectly is the Tipi Clothes Rack. I’m not normally a fan of open shelving but this is so stylish even I love it. The low shelf is practical too, meaning little ones can access their things easily.

As far as adorable little shelves for kids’ rooms go, this one is right up there. The ideal shape and size for adding some interest to the walls, with the perfect little nook to display favourite pieces.

And last up, a teepee-themed bedroom would not be complete without an actual teepee. I actually love the fact this isn’t monochrome, but has a cute tipi-print design on it. It comes in a storage bag so it can be folded away when necessary. See more of our favourite teepees>

Childhome is a family-run brand (another big yay) and the pieces above will all be available to buy from the 1 July (they’re not up just yet, in case you’re wondering), from the Cuckooland site.


Diamond nursery furniture from Urban Avenue

It’s not often that furniture takes me by surprise these days – having spent 15 years being sent press releases on everything interiors-related, I’ve pretty much seen it all. But I was really taken with the nursery furniture set by Spanish brand Alondra baby. It’s SO contemporary, so clean and yet striking, but also somehow so grown up – maybe not to everyone’s taste, but I had to feature it.

I love the fact that the press shots for this show the furniture in some ultra-minimalist waterside pad – the very antithesis of what most UK nurseries look like I suspect! And the furniture itself is on the (very) pricey side. However, if you’ve got the budget and you want something really modern, then it’s a pretty reasonable investment. The glossy white design can be used in an adult’s bedroom too and, in case you think I’m going mad, the cot turns into a cotbed and then – wait for it ladies and gents – a desk!

Yes, a desk.

It’s sort of genius actually. When you think about it, a chest of drawers is a chest of drawers, and a wardrobe is a wardrobe, but when you see matching nursery furniture sets, they’re often very ‘childish’ in design, and only suitable for kids’ rooms. Which means that as little ones grow up, the chest of drawers doesn’t suit their room anymore, and the wardrobe is too small. Not so with these pieces – they’re timeless, and the only bit of furniture you definitely don’t need as you grow, the cot, transforms into a desk, meaning nothing is wasted.

The drawers in the chest, and the doors on the wardrobe are all handleless, with a pleasing push mechanism to open and close. There’s even an optional changing kit available for the chest of drawers which attaches to the top of the chest and offers a choice of coloured changing pads.

What do you think? Is it a white gloss finish too far for you? It’s available from Urban Avenue.


Lil’Gaea from Nubie

Goodness knows how you pronounce it, but Lil’Gaea is my newest kids’ interiors discovery, brought to you by the very lovely and inspirational kids’ store Nubie. I’m really quite in love with this Turkish brand already, not least because they have macaron-shaped stools on offer! (Note to my sister, who’s obsessed with macarons, you need one of these in your life!)

Lil’Gaea’s ethos is ‘to create functional, imaginative and ethical furniture for children, which also demonstrates an ongoing respect for the environment’. The collection of beds, cradles and storage pieces are all handmade but best of all, have a wonderfully whimsical feel, set off by the mostly pastel colour schemes. ‘Cute and cheerful’, as their press release described them – I’ve tried to better this description and failed, so I’m nicking it.

Oval Slatted Crib

Casa Single Bed

The thing I like best about the collection is that it’s not matchy-matchy, and you could pick just one piece – such as the oval slatted crib – and make a real statement with it. Several of the pieces have clever twists too – such as the four-poster bed, which has an optional bunk conversion kit. But it’s designed to be space-saving too. Neat.

Pyramid Drawer Set

I love the Pyramid stacking drawer set – each ‘drawer’ is sold separately, so you can create your own combination of colours and height. Another piece which can stand alone, and would last children until they left home.

Macaron Seats

But my absolute favourite are these amazing macaron seats. There are seven different colours available, such as Powder Blue, Soft Lilac and Mint, and the seats have been designed so that little ones can pick them up and carry them about easily. But as well as that, they are quite simply ADORABLE, right?

Lil’Gaea is another parent-led brand brought to life after the birth of award-winning designers Pinar Yar and Yugrul Govsa’s own child. You can find the range on Nubie here.

Furniture GTYR Loves

Polly bed by Incy Interiors

It’s taken me a while to track down this bed. I first spotted it on Pinterest, on one of my many trawls through the wonderful world of kids’ rooms, and fell in love. But it’s by an Australian brand called Incy Interiors (side note, the Aussies seem to do kids’ interiors much better than us – and to a much larger degree – randomly!), and I couldn’t find a UK stockist. A bit more digging though, and I finally came across a couple of shops that supply them here.

As a kid, I had a great lumbering French oak antique bed, with a headboard and a footboard. It creaked. A lot. Every time I turned over in fact. My bedroom as a child was Laura Ashley’d up to its eyeballs, and I guess the bed fitted in with the theme. However it wasn’t anywhere near as fun as this beauty…

I know in the main image it’s in pink – SORRY, personal obsession creeping in AGAIN – but it does come in other colours. Although, bizarrely, it has a different name for each shade – the cream version below is called the Mia, available from Everything Begins.

I love the simple, timeless styling, and can imagine a child having endless fun wrapping fairy lights around those metal curves. I also think it’s the kind of bed that would last into teenage years. Not sure an adult would be adverse to sleeping in one either…

And the yellow one…. be still my beating heart.

If you like the look of it as much as I do, you can find the pink, yellow, rose gold and nickel versions online at Cottage Toys.