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Another Etsy discovery for you today. Laura, the lady behind Nursery Creatives got in touch directly to share her designs and they are so adorable I couldn’t resist. I know, I’m a bit obsessed with nursery artwork… I just find there are so many lovely things out there and I can’t stop myself from featuring them. I also really love finding things that have been handmade by mothers.

It’s not obvious to see at first, but after a few minutes you realise what these delicate pictures are created with. Yep, that’s it. Made from intricately laid-out stickers, the designs range from beautiful butterflies to friendly elephants, and are just perfect for gifts.

There’s something about stickers that just gets me excited – like most children, I was quite obsessed with them. Especially the raised ones, or glittery ones… and oh, don’t get me started on scratch and sniff! There was nothing more exciting than a scratch and sniff – the poor things were scratched and sniffed to death, and traded in the playground as though they were tiny slivers of gold! Ahh the simple pleasures of a childhood before iPads and computer games!

Ahem. See more of Laura’s designs on the Nursery Creatives Etsy page.


Lucy Gough, interiors stylist

Hello! Hope everyone is having a wonderful sunny Sunday! I’ve got a fab interview for you today, with the incredibly talented and lovely Lucy Gough. I’ve known Lucy for a while now – we were both working for the same magazine publisher and even though we were working on different titles, we met by the printer and got chatting! We hit it off and it’s been great to see Lucy’s styling career go from strength to strength when she went freelance.

When I found out Lucy was having a baby, I just knew the little one would end up with one of the most stylish nurseries around, and so I’m very excited to be able to share some photographs of it with you today, along with a little bit more about the mama behind it…

First of all, can you tell us a little bit about you, and your career!

Thank you so much for interviewing me for your fab new blog, Charlotte! I am an Australian-born, London-based Interior Stylist. I have been in London for eight years and I have been in the Styling industry for seven. I am lucky that I have been able to turn my hobby into my full-time career. I create imagery for companies to use for their advertising and promotion and I style and art direct photoshoots for magazines and various publications. I also style and design interiors of people’s homes and businesses.

What’s the best thing about being an interior stylist?

I love that most of my projects are only a few weeks long so I get the opportunity to meet many, many clients throughout the year and work on different projects of varying aesthetics one after the other. I also love keeping up to date on new trends and new designs all year round and sharing my favourites with readers of magazines and through my blog.

Talk us through your ideas for creating Arthur’s nursery.

It was very simple really – I wanted a gender-neutral nursery as we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl. I have never loved the ‘blue for boys and pink for girls’ thing anyway so I went for a teal colour. My wife and I love to travel so naturally we hope that Arthur will be an an explorer too so we went with a mountain and hot air balloon theme. I found lots of leftover paint in my shed from previous photoshoots so I used what I had to paint the mountain mural on the wall. It took us two days to create his nursery and we got so excited about Arthur’s arrival while we were doing it!

What’s your favourite element of his nursery?

It has to be the mountains as they are so calm and uplifting. However, I also love the woven rug that I bought from West Elm which has a thick silver thread through it and the ceramic owl knobs on the Ikea drawers. Before we started on the paint and furniture we decided we needed to maximise space in the room (as it’s pretty tiny) so we put built-in wardrobes into the alcoves with shaker-style doors on the front. It’s amazing how much bigger they make the room look even though we essentially lost floor space. I suppose the floor-to-ceiling doors draw your eyes up to the ceiling so it feels taller.

Colourful cot sheet, Kip and Ko from Antipodream

Anything you wish you’d done differently?

I think we should have laid carpet down as a draft comes up through the old, original floorboards. We have tried to cover the floor with the large rug but I still think we may lay carpet before the next winter. I genuinely love everything else about the room though and I think Arthur is happy with it too!

What’s your top parenting survival tip?

Graze on food all day to keep your energy levels up! Parenting is hard when you are tired and hungry (the tired thing is inevitable but there’s no excuse for not eating.) And have a packet of wet wipes in every room. You never know when you are going to need them! Thirdly, make some mum friends. I was always one who dreaded the whole mum-group thing but in the end they are your most valuable asset to get you through your first year. I met my group through mum and baby yoga and we have a Whatsapp group and we talk all day about everything! They are such wonderful women. Motherhood can be very isolating and you need people in your life who are at exactly the same stage as you.

Who or what inspires you?

My mum. She is an amazing woman who taught me everything I needed to know about being a strong, independent and successful woman and mother.


What’s your favourite…

…kids interiors brand(s):

There are so many! But my top two are:
Mokee – they have great furniture designs for small nurseries at Ikea prices.
Hedgehog is a wonderful emporium of kids toys, games and accessories.

…holiday destination:
Australia. Oz is so versatile, you get sun, surf, city, rainforest, outback and ski slopes all in one continent! But, then obviously I would say that as that’s my home. I also particularly love Barcelona as it’s easy to get to from London, it has a beautiful beach and there are cultural activities everywhere.

…way to relax:
Read a good book in bed with my phone on silent.

…thing about being a mum:
Watching an incredible little human grow, thrive and develop by the day. I absolutely love being a mum – it’s the best thing I have ever done!

Nursery photography: Georgia Gold

3 Of The Best

Height charts

Do these have an ‘official’ name? I’m not entirely sure! Growth charts sounds a bit NHS and conjures up pictures of the Red Book and health visitors… *shudders at the memory*. But height chart sounds a bit formal somehow. Anyway, whatever they’re called, they’re the sort of thing that you might not bother with, then you turn around and your toddler is eight and you wish you could look back and remember how little and cute they once were. So, in short, well worth investing in.

We use a vintage dressmakers’ yard which belonged to Daphne’s late grandmother which we’ve attached to the wall in Daph’s room to keep track of her height. It’s actually amazing how much she’s grown when she was such a teeny tiny little thing (if you haven’t read my baby blog, you won’t know this, but she was just over 5 lb when she was born). Despite her diminutive start in life, she’s one of the tallest among her peers now!

But back to today’s post. Three of the best height/growth/measuring charts. Whatever you wanna call ’em. Here are my faves…

This beauty from Lovestruck Interiors was the inspiration for today’s post – I absolutely love it – not least because it can be personalised too with family names or messages. Made from softwood, with planed and chamfered edges in the same shape as a vintage ruler, there are five colours available – Aged Oak (dark), Mid Oak (light), Washed White, Pale Grey & Putty.

Next up is the beautiful Hagelens Feather Growth Chart from Scandiborn. Beautifully carved from oak veneer, it’s a really stunning piece in its own right, perfect for adding some subtle decor to a nursery or child’s room. It’s super easy to hang with double-sided tape, and you can take it with you when you move.

Last up, for those who want something a little more colourful, then take a look at the range of wall sticker height charts from Inkmill Vinyl. There are lots of different designs available, but this cheerful giraffe caught my eye. Easy to apply and easy to remove (without damaging walls), the stickers are available in wide a range of colours, meaning you can find the perfect one for you.

Room Tours

Let’s go to my room: Lola, 5

Another stunning child’s room to share with you today! I fell in love with this design as soon as I saw it – it’s timeless, with the most beautifully calming colour palette. Lola’s room is the work of specialist children’s interior designer Ursula Wesselingh from Room to Bloom. Ursula’s website is well worth a browse, as is her fantastic blog – she really knows her stuff and has lots of tips and ideas for those doing up a child’s room. She even runs workshops for those wanting help designing their dream nursery.

But onto the tour! Ursula talks us through the design…

Who lives here? This is Lola’s bedroom.

Where is the property? North London.

What was the room like before? It was an unfurnished room in a rental property – the homeowners called in my help before they moved in. The room was a drab mix of green walls, red curtains and the brown-grey carpet you can still see in the room – they absolutely hated it and needed help with a vision for the room. Their daughter had outgrown her nursery furniture, so they took the opportunity to give Lola a pretty “big-girl room,” to help her transition to a new house and new school.

Did Lola have any input into the design – if so, what? Lola’s mum was very keen for me to create a room in my signature style, and at key stages we checked with Lola that she liked what I proposed. Luckily, she loved everything.

What was your starting point for the design? As always, my client’s brief. In addition, I wanted to incorporate the beautiful period fireplace in the design and make it a focal point.

What was the most challenging aspect of the design? Working with the existing carpet – no-one was a fan of it but it had to stay. As flooring takes up a large part of the room’s surfaces, it’s hard to ignore and puts a big stamp on the feel of a room. By painting the walls in a similar tone, it became less visible and gave the room a neutral, restful feeling – offering other elements room to shine.

Did you encounter any difficulties during the installation process? As always there were small challenges, though nothing that I hadn’t dealt with before :-). Luckily I work with a team of very resourceful tradespeople who always help me figure out the best solution.

What is your favourite part of the design? The feature wall with floating shelving and the fireplace has become a great focal point – it’s a little unusual and really makes the room.

Tell us a little bit about your choice of wallpaper. The homeowners loved it as much as I did. I deliberately picked a design from a non-kids range to lend the room more longevity and give it a romantic feel. I knew it had to be floral but finding the right colours was a bit of a challenge – I wanted it to fit seamlessly with the walls and floor.

Are there any special features that you’d like to mention? The fireplace was such an unusual pretty piece and a logical point of focus – I’d always advise homeowners to look for the most natural focal point and work with that if it fits the brief. Another feature is the four-poster bed – I used it deliberately to work with the scale of the room, but also to create a “room in a room,” to give Lola a snug corner to retreat to, as she was still so little and the room relatively large. To save space for a desk/play table I found an oversize wardrobe that stores all Lola’s clothes, doing away with the need for an extra chest of drawers. It maximises floor space for play.

Any design elements you are particularly proud of? I am really happy with how the whole room has turned out, but the feature wall is my favourite part. And of course, I was elated with the reactions from Lola, her parents and friends visiting their house – everyone just loves it, which makes me super happy.


Bed – Chic Shack

Wallpaper – Nina Campbell

Lighting – wall light Original BTC, clip light Nordlux, chandelier Amazon

Desk – La Redoute

House-shaped shelf – Cox & Cox

Wardrobe – eBay

Teepee – Moozle

Curtain fabric – Pret A Vivre

Visit the Room to Bloom website, and follow Ursula on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook>


Childhome furniture from Cuckooland

Another new European brand to introduce to you today – this time from Belgium. Childhome is the latest company to be added to Cuckooland‘s roster, and their designs are both stylish and incredibly affordable. Yay!

The range on offer is based around the ever popular teepee – with beds, clothes rails and even a wall shelf all echoing the shape of a teepee. I love the clean lines (of course) and simple styling – perfect for making a statement without being too loud. Let’s take a closer look at the pieces…

First up is the main event – the Tipi Bed. Available in two sizes, its low height makes it ultra-safe, and it’s just perfect for transitioning a toddler to a big bed (no chance of anyone falling out and bumping their heads). The frame makes it almost den-like too – irresistible.

But best of all are the decoration possibilities! A gorgeous neutral frame just waiting to be adorned with lights or garlands.

Next up and complementing the bed perfectly is the Tipi Clothes Rack. I’m not normally a fan of open shelving but this is so stylish even I love it. The low shelf is practical too, meaning little ones can access their things easily.

As far as adorable little shelves for kids’ rooms go, this one is right up there. The ideal shape and size for adding some interest to the walls, with the perfect little nook to display favourite pieces.

And last up, a teepee-themed bedroom would not be complete without an actual teepee. I actually love the fact this isn’t monochrome, but has a cute tipi-print design on it. It comes in a storage bag so it can be folded away when necessary. See more of our favourite teepees>

Childhome is a family-run brand (another big yay) and the pieces above will all be available to buy from the 1 July (they’re not up just yet, in case you’re wondering), from the Cuckooland site.